DA PAM 385-24 PDF

DA PAM 385-24 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of DA PAM at Engineering Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Skip Ribbon Commands. Skip to main content. Turn off Animations. Turn on Animations. The United States Army Publishing Directorate is the Army’s leader in publishing and delivering informational products worldwide. Their main mission is to.

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To be eligible, an organization must complete 12 consecutive months or complete amajor training exercise or compete an actual deployment of greater than days without experiencing a class A, B, orC accident accident classes as defined in DA Ra —40 attributable to human error.

Workplace safety programs should be modified to fit local operations as determined by commanders and SOHstaff to provide maximum safety and pzm of the risk of accidental loss. Water safety equipment a. When the public has access to facilities under the control of the Army, precautions must be in place to assure areasonable level of safety.

Elements of emergency planning a. Emergency planning has to be a team effort. It is Army policy to maintain an aggressive safety program to prevent accidents involving the transportation ofmunitions and explosives, and to minimize the damaging effects of such accidents when they occur. Sincethis discussion concerns hazardous material, the worker will walk through the steps without actually performing thetask and not using hazardous material during the walkthrough.

Oam work requires the application of: The nomination will include a concise introductionwhich describes specific achievements that merit consideration and a summary explanation of their safety and CRMaccomplishments.

Consumer Safety website Pan U. The inspection teams will systematically exam the work site, makingnote of deficiencies and their potential harm. Nominations may be made for actions prior to the 35-24 limit, but morecurrent nominations may preclude full consideration. In addition to identifying the training required, the matrixes identify the frequency of training required uponassignment, annually, and so on.

Da Pam 385-24 : The Army Radiation Safety Program (2013, Paperback)

From testinglessons learned are produced that can then be used to adjust and modify the plan. Inspection procedures will be developed that ensure a fair and unambiguous inspection that determines howeffectively safety and health standards are being followed.


Employee representatives will be invited toattend the opening and closing conference. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a 35-24 expiry date.

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The Ohio National Guard Website

Thischapter provides guidance in implementing the requirements of AR —10, chapters 16, 17, and Army aircraft without having a contributing role in a human-factor-related class A, B, or C aviation accident accident classes defined in DA Pam — The hazard analysis will be the basis for preoperational briefings by supervision to the construction force so thateveryone understands the hazards involved and the controls put into place.

Corrections ofviolations that have a high dollar cost can be included in the abatement. Radioactive Commodity Inventory Resources. This program of study is augmented with selectwork assignments designed to provide the novice safety professional with experience that will produce an individualwell trained in safety. This is required for management to determine if progress is being made toward thegoal. Once on thescene, the officer will serve as— 1 The DOD representative to the on-scene civilian officials responding to the incident.

Develop test plans, obtaindata from testing, and review test data to identify any new hazards.

Knowledge center for Soldiers to access information such as internal guidance, poilicies and procedures. For a small operation, one or two person safety office at a small installation, theseprocedures should be tailored to reflect the size of the program. Item ppam Added To cart Qty. While safety must continue throughout the design, development, production, fielding and deployment of a system,the later stages of the safety program for example, during production, fielding and deployment focuses on identifyingsafety issues that were not identified and corrected earlier or that may have been improperly waived.

The first step in writing the SOP is to observe the worker demonstrating how the task is to be performed. Other safety equipment that is general in nature, that is, not personal, will be used to the maximum extentpossible.


Areas where the plan is unclear—notproviding sufficient guidance and areas where the plan does not work—will surface during testing. Each level of command must endorse the request and verify that the unit is eligible for the streamer. Implement various safety processes to determine the root causes of the hazards, apply risk management techniques toput the information into a form that is suitable for review by management, and develop safety input for various systemdocuments, such as the Test and Evaluation Master Plan TEMP.

Indoor activities cover such areas as table tennis, darts, billiards,and air hockey. This requires the safety manager to work incollaboration with the industrial hygienist, the occupational health nurse, fire department, facility engineers, theradiation protection officer, and other professionals to develop and execute safety and health programs that identify andminimize risk.

Organizations below Army Headquarters level to battalion level will be the recipients of the award.

DA Pam 385-10

The schedule will be coordinated with all involvedparties prior to presenting to the commander for approval. The nomination will include aconcise introduction, which describes specific achievements that merit consideration and a summary explanation oftheir CRM accomplishments.

The time frame for the award is based on a fiscalyear. Identify the hazards including natural, terrorist threats, man-made. The EOD officer at the accident scene has the responsibility for determining whether a pma or explosivearticle is safe for movement. Agreement by theSOP developers will be based on their assessment of the safest and most logical way to perform a given task.

Department of the Army level unit awardsA hierarchy has been established that recognizes different levels of achievement with awards from lower commandlevels through the CSA in accordance with AR —10, chapter 8.

Admission to this program is based on the individual having achieved certain minimum levels oftraining and expertise.

The proper application of rules serves to reducehazards and injuries.

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