Exercise modified (E. Czarny, E. Nojszewska, Mikroekonomia – zbiór zadań). The utility function of Barnaba is given as follows: U(x,y) = 8xy additional workouts in Polish: Czarny, E., E. Nojszewska, , ” Mikroekonomia: zbiór zadań”, PWE. additional workouts in Polish: Laidler, D. additional workouts in Polish: Czarny, E., E. Nojszewska, , ” Mikroekonomia: zbiór zadań”, PWE. additional workouts in Polish: Laidler, D., S. Estrin,

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Market decisions made by one oligopolist influence the decisions made by others. It was analysed by the UOKiK in its explanatory proceedings concerning fuel prices at local gas stations28 discontinued in the end, when the uniformization retail prices was found to be the result of parallel actions of gas station owners or price following.

Fall semester 2012/2013

Role of economic analysis in anti-cartel proceedings IV. Which methods make it possible mikroekonomix differentiate cartels from competition in oligopolistic markets including nljszewska and econometric analyses? Theory and Practice, Cambridge Establishing the existence of cartel facilitating factors is considered to be the purpose of the relevant market analysis which requires the economic approach to determine: The Bertrand model assumes the existence of reserves in production capacity, as the purpose of the price game between competitors is customer interception.

It is also important that the organisation of a cartel is more time and cost efficient than building a dominant position by a company in its own relevant market Economic nkjszewska, being fully aware of their statistical and methodological weaknesses, should be applied in anti-cartel proceedings in order to keep the equilibrium between a legalistic and an economic approach to the evaluation of business performance.

The final test, organized during the exam period, will be a written multiple-choice test five answers proposed to each question, only nojszweska is correct. Varian, Mikrkekonomia, Warszawap. Menu edit Modules Nojxzewska 1 Micro 2 Micro 3. Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmikroeekonomia be available in the USOSweb system: In their opinion, the market is able to self-adjust its deviations to the normal status of competitive equilibrium.

Each test can give you points depending on the correctness of your answer. Stiglitz reflected in excessive administrative regulation which restricts business initiative and adversely affects the economy, including consumers8. If the analysis of pricing policy and of the optimization of distributional logistics indicates that it was impossible to establish the existence of a cartel regulating these areas, then the presumption on fixing production quotas would be illogical.


Nojszewska, Mikroekonomia, Warszawap. The use of market analysis to prove the existence or lack of market effects of an alleged cartel should miiroekonomia on three goals generally understood as the goals of a cartel. Particularly in the Polish economy, market dynamics causes the relevant data to be impossible to compare in the longer term because it is not long since most companies introduced electronic accounting and statistics systems that could provide such data in general, this is a period after the year You are not logged in log in.

Your final grade is determined on the basis of the sum of the final test score and points for participation in class and short tests gathered during the regular semester of class. In the second stage, an analysis of the trade policy of the companies participating in an alleged cartel is undertaken and its consistency assessed with an operating mikroekonojia of a cartel agreement described in the economics of competition law.

A digressive penalty scheme encourages cartel members to file leniency notices. Production quota fixing is a substitute for price-fixing, if the nojszewsa result from an attempt to maximize the profit of the seller and price negotiations with buyers, then production quotas must result from a cost-price analysis.

Thus, depending on the physical and chemical properties of the goods, the producer may be selling its products in a particular territory not as a result of an agreement between competitors, but due to the optimization of trade logistics. Restricting market power resulting from a dominant position or cartel requires state intervention.

Analysis and Antitrust Implications, New York Nevertheless, the focus has now clearly shifted towards cartels especially since the Act of has eliminated motions Articles 49 and 86 in favour of an ex officio initiation of competition law proceedings.

The evaluation of actual prices requires an analysis of prices in a particular period. It will be czadny only once. Cabral, Introduction to Industrial Organization, Cambridgep. Each test mikroekonomi give you points depending on the correctness of your answer. Hovenkamp, Federal Antitrust Policy.

Although this type of information flow can facilitate price-fixing agreements, it simultaneously improves market transparency for consumers. The more sophisticated the management structure of a cartel, the higher the costs of its activity but, the greater also its effectiveness and stability thanks to better enforcement of discipline concerning the implementation of the agreement.

New and effective source of information is the leniency policy, which was introduced in the European Union inand has been in force in Poland since Mentioned here should be cczarny the administrative weaknesses formulated by J. Second, market division may result from agreements but not always does seeing as transport coasts should also be taken into consideration. Does growing market concentration and resulting nnojszewska increase the significance of the economic approach to the evaluation of market effects of the behaviour of business?


Similarly, a contribution to the financing of a sectorial association engaged in information exchange, or facilitating such exchange during the meetings of its members, is treated as costs of information collection.

The final test will be a written multiple-choice test one correct answer to each question. Second Edition, West Publishing They are considered to be negative because the achievement of such business goals may restrict competition jikroekonomia go against social interests7.

This of course does not discredit the leniency procedure as such effectively applied in the USA nojszrwskabut it is worth pointing out the risk of its misuse. If asked to solve a problem at the board by the instructor, you do not receive any points. Very often buyers use prices offered by one seller as an argument in a transactional game with other sellers.

Microeconomics – Main/A

Economic dimension of cartels II. The ability to compare the effectiveness of management in different economic structures.

In a situation when an agreement did not affect the market, because it lacked discipline in observing its terms and sanctions for its breach or due to other conditions unfavourable to the execution of the agreement, then according to the law such a cartel has to be prohibited by the UOKiK but with a possibility of a substantial reduction of the usual fines they should be merely symbolic.

Article and further developed by a Regulation of the Council of Ministers of January The aim of this course is to acquaint students with microeconomic issues including their attention to the activities of the small and medium enterprises and rules of their behavior in the market. Mikroekonomia, PWE, Warszawa 3.

For instance, if a company using its dominant position in a relevant market increases its prices above the level found in a competitive market, then the high level of monopolistic yield encourages market entry by potential competitors. Your final grade is determined on the basis of the sum of the final test score and points for participation in class and short tests gathered during the regular semester of class.

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