The Return of the Black Company has ratings and 93 reviews. Let me tell you who I am, on the chance that these scribblings do surviveI am. Readers’ questions about Kroniki Czarnej Kompanii (Czarna Kompania #). 1 question answered. Kompanii (Czarna Kompania #). by Glen Cook. Buy Powrot Czarnej Kompanii by Glen Cook from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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POV changes, but that did not trouble me, I actually recognise that potential all along. The other can be found hereand is a look back on the series after having finished.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. A face full of hot hatred, of the anger of defeat” Like seriously.

Glen Cook – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

I am looking forward to the final book, and to find out what happens to a very shocking ending in this lompania. For many readers, I suspect that is a relief, for He just does not have much stomach for plunder and rape, much as they are part of our business. I see that several reviewers complain about it being overly choppy a.

From time to time we see how they come to terms with their kokpania actions.

Chronicles of the Black Company

Looking forward to reading it again, this time in English. Supposedly some evil creature had been unleashed kompanoa an ancient tomb, and was causing mayhem and terror in the city, which you think would be a tense and suspenseful situation, but you’d never know it from the flat dialogue and the lame reaction of the characters.


Oct 14, Jennifer Wheeler rated it liked it Shelves: I suppose if you see life through rose-colored glasses, a land in which Good is never beaten for more than a generation and bad men always get their just due, whether it be at the point of a sword or falling into molten lava grasping with a ring, well, books like these will be quite shocking to you. Cook does not give every detail away, nor does he demand the reader wade through expositional digression and missives concerning the world — yet it feels fully developed, fleshed out, vibrant and unique, yet familiar.

Kroniki Czarnej Kompanii Czarna Kompania Jan 02, Sebastian rated it it was amazing. There are no good guys, just a band of mercenaries always trying to make a choice between a bad side and a very bad side – they work with a lesser evil to prevent the comeback of a greater one.

We can notify you when this item is back in stock. Luckily, we spotted the Rebel before he spotted us. Why on earth would you name a book Chronicles of the Black Company, if we don’t get to meet the Black Company.

What I didn’t like about the series was that there were some pretty sharp gaps in our knowledge. A rare, exhilarating and thoroughly rewarding read, Chronicles… spans approximately forty odd years for the eponymous mercenary outfit during a civil war. And urban fantasy wasn’t really a thing at that point — well, Emma Bull and Charles de Lint had begun publishing, but weren’t really on my radar yet. The fools must have felt completely safe.

Occurring simultaneously with Dreams of Steel, the sixth Black Company installment is probably the one that adds the least to the overall story arc of the whole saga.

Kroniki Czarnej Kompanii

He freely admits that he is eliding and prettying thing Well, that was. But I still try to avoid looking at the worst. Cook writes in choppy, abrupt, stripped down prose, like a journalist writing on-the-spot field reports. Sadly, this third omnibus suffers from more or less the same shortcomings that plagued its predecessor.


Aug 25, Mark rated it it was amazing. They follow orders without questioning and take their pay, going wherever they have to and fighting whoever they must.

Or so it seemed to me. Throughout this three-book omnibus edition, the reader is brought along on a journey from the rich, southern cities of the south to the dark, feared catacombs of the Barrowland in the far north. I wanted more of Croaker’s grizzled musings, more of the Lady’s enchanting character and involvement especially toward the endmore of Goblin and One-Eye and their tricks, of Elmo and the Lieutenant, more of Raven and Darling and Silent, more of the Taken Murgen has this mysterious ability to leave his body and jump around in time-space, a These next two books in this series are a wild ride full of drops, twists and turns.

Tyrania Nocy Delegatury Nocy 1. I accidentally began reading the second compilation of books in this series The Book Any book that makes me want to drop my relatively comfortable life to join a mercenary company with at best a fluid sense of morality is doing something right.

You should get this or the books individually and read them.