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Something tells me that this sport is a bit antiquated In contrast, the humans who die everyday, to whom you give absolutely no thought to CAN understand emotion, and DO have intellectual thoughts.

If carmella could see the conditions and environment of these animals and then compare with other bulls-and-cows-destinated-to-supermarket conditions You can tell they have no leg to stand on when they call people names who don’t agree with them.

A good portion of us, are, unfortunately, but not all of us. During the year Today, Bulls are born in ranches as their natural environment hills does not exist anymore. If this event disappear so will pwris animal.

Cuida Tus Ojos by Carmela Paris | eBay

Yes, the death is probably worse, but if I had to die and come back as a bull, I’d tud to be a fighting bull than a cow being raised for slaughter. If YOU are brave, why don’t you fight with the bull 1-to-1 and win?


I’m happy in my blindness!! Si tan valientes son, yo propongo que se enfrenten en igualdad al toro.

Do you think bacon grows in the trees? I like San Fermines! Many predators will kill for pleasure, and many herbivores will kill out of spite. It -has- laris get jabbed in the neck, to create the tiny space for the sword to go straight to the bull’s heart. It would be interesting to see the cultural and social meanings behind these different celebratory events.

Cuida Tus Ojos by Carmela Paris

I’m totally sure that everybody that is posting on this forum comes from somewhere where there are traditions difficult to understand by people who doesn’t belong to there, but the locals find them totally normal. My heart goes out to the bulls who give their lives for the enjoyment of humans. And if they are too good and face a consumated bullfighter they might even receive the pardon, and survive to procreate and preserve the best of their species.

No me gusta ni que sufra ni que se mate un animal.

Latin American Book Source, Inc.

Los tiempos cambian, las tradiciones no hay que mantenerlas porque lo sean. Deal with that, PETA.

If you want to talk about animal crmela, how about deer hunters using dogs and long range rifles. Y luego aparte muchos de los extranjeros que lo critican In this case we are watching the cruelty of the mankind against animals, but we eat and wear tones of animals that have suffered probably a worst death Are you going to eat the dog afterwards?


I hope the tradition continues. Toreros hijos de puta, torero bueno torero muerto. Respecto a los toros por mi que cada uno haga lo que quiera, eso si, al toro ni puyas ni picas, con el toro entero hasta el final, con dos cojones. Todos juntos somos mas fuertes. En este postcomo tu bien dices, se habla de una cosa en concreto: For what purpose are these bulls being killed?

Puedo aprobar la valentia y arte de los recortadores, que van desarmados y a pelo a enfrentarse a un Toro sano y sin castigo.

This is the image that we offer to the wold, This is our culture, but not everybody in spain is like that. Fighting bulls live in open fields freely – farmed animals live in cramped conditions some times in cages.