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I completly removed R4, but it is not working linearely… Anybody tryed to use the V range? Its the trimmer potentiometer for calibration!

The circuit as it is described here can display any DC voltage in the range of Volts. You will need a power supply like this: Please double check your connections and part alignment. On some applications negative supply can be omitted. Thearmocouple sensor connect to Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Hi Mahamoud please go through the intersil datasheet for your requirement http: The board is made of a thin insulating material clad with a thin layer of conductive copper that is shaped in such a way as to form the necessary conductors between the various components of the circuit. Sir is it necessary to use MAN led display or I can use any common anode single digit display 2 years ago.

Use RS website for data sheets.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Please double check connections and input voltage ripple. For a fixed period of time the voltage to be measured is integrated to obtain a ramp at the output of the integrator. Capacitor C2 neutralizes the fluctuations in the internal reference voltage and increases the stability of the display.

So you need a symmetrical power supply like the one here: Do not have much experience. The ICL is a high performance, low power, 3. What is the recommended input voltage which is connected in R5 pin numbers 30 and 31?. Will this board will work to measure the voltage out of it? Previous post Next post. Hi Seetharaman, Can you pls design a PCB for this lovely Circuit, or if you have one already,where can i download the same.


If yes, what changes should I apply?

Datasheets search archive of electronic components datasheets

Then adjust R6 so that the display reads 0V. During the first stage and for a given period the input voltage is integrated, and in the output of the integrator at the end of this period, there is a voltage which is directly proportional to the input voltage.

In the above circuit the maximum reading can be Kindly go through the following datasheet for 0 — 20VDC FS you have to use potential divider in the input. If nevertheless you have to use extra flux, as it is the case when you have to tin copper wires, clean it very thoroughly after you finish your work.

CSGP Datasheet, PDF – Datasheet Search Engine

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This IC incorporates in a 40 pin case all the circuitry datasheft to convert an analogue signal to digital and can drive a series of four seven segment LED displays directly. Will be very grateful. For this purpose come very handy specially made sponges that are kept wet and from time to time you can wipe the hot tip on them to remove all the residues ce7107gp tend to accumulate on it.

However, the unit display constantly displays random numbers. Can the wise men in electronics guide me to any schematic, showing how to connect this display or any other to a zero to 30 v current limiting power supply Datasheef built recently. The IC includes internal circuitry for seven segment decoders, display drivers, reference voltage source and a clock.


The seven segment displays must by cs71107gp anode type. For switching ranges used 4 pole 3 way rotary switch, first pole changes resistor and second pole moves decimal point pin 5 on indicator from D1 at v DC to D3 ie v DC.

CSGP Datasheet PDF

The process taking place inside our ADC can be stated as follows. The soldering iron that you use must be light and its power should not exceed the 25 Watts.

The voltage to be measured is converted into a digital equivalent by the ADC inside the IC and then this digital equivalent is decoded to the datasbeet segment format and then displayed. Hi, with so many complaints of thsi circuit I think I might not should trust this electronics engineeeeeeeeer! The thing is displaying erroneous values.

Can I use datasheett circuit to measure V AC? Hi Zernab go through the following site for full details http: I am confusing about the supply voltage for this project. Hi Patrick a nice one you can use it. It is written that R1 and C1 se the frequency to 48hz but it is wrong. The capacitor C3 and the resistor R5 are together the circuit that does the integration of the input voltage and at the same time prevent any division of the input voltage making the circuit faster and more reliable as the possibility of error is greatly reduced.

This is discussed here: Fs7107gp was told datashedt these are the ext.

This work is not very difficult and if you stick to a few rules you should have no problems.

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