CS PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS Regulation Lecture Notes Anna University CS PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS Lecture notes PP Notes 5TH. Anna University Fifth semester Third Year lecture Notes for Programming Paradigms CS PP free pdf! The Third Year,Fifth semester Anna. 5th semester Notes. GKM College Notes: 1. Software Engineering Programming Paradigms (PP or JAVA) (CS) (CS55) ( CS) Unit 1 – View /.

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Of course, if the interface is not a button or menu, ActionListener may not be the appropriate interface—there are eleven listener interfaces. Discipline and idea Automatic proofs within artificial intelligence Based on axioms, inference rules, and queries.

To overcome this problem, some programs generate code, place it into a file, invoke the compiler, and then load the resulting class file. Ni with 2D Shapes Starting with Java 1. Following figure shows the inheritance diagram of the AWT events. Using Models Tells you about the Swing model architecture. Here is the code for the transfer method of the Bank class.

When parwdigms compiler can’t determine which method implementation to use in advance, the runtime system JVM selects the appropriate method at runtime, based on the class of the object. Every component has three characteristics: Determining the current size of one of these collections usually requires traversal. If there are other runnable threads with a priority at least as high as the priority of this thread, they will be scheduled next.

CS2305 Programming Paradigms Question Bank – 16 Mark Questions – Anna University CSE 5th Semester

Move the result back to accounts[to]. When an action is attached to a menu or toolbar and the action programming disabled, then the option is grayed out.

An object in java essentially a block of memory, which contains space to store all the instance variables. Send messages between objects to simulate the temporal evolution of a set of real world phenomena. Its contentsuch as the state of a button pushed in or notor the text in a text field. Perhaps surprisingly, the erased classes still retain some faint memory of their generic origin. These collections use sophisticated algorithms that minimize contention by allowing concurrent access to different parts of the data structure.


The second version of submit also submits a Runnable, and the get method of the Future returns the given result object upon completion.

Because every class in Java extends Object, it is important to be familiar with the services provided by the Object class. If you are only interested in complete clicks, you can ignore the first two methods. For example, the expression new Person “Vince Vu” is an error. Intuitively speaking, wildcards with supertype bounds let you write to a generic object, wildcards with subtype bounds let you read from a generic objects.

Similarly, any programmer looking at the code will know that a static method can’t interact with instance variables, which makes reading and debugging easier. Max one per Class, Interface Class or Interface.

Extract read and write locks: You can use an anonymous inner class as illustrated in all our programs for the WindowListener interface, or by the treatment of MouseListener in DragTest. What you put in the place of the For exceptional situations, such as bad input data with the potential to bomb the program, Java uses a form of error trapping called, programmung enough, exception handling.

This is easy to achieve in the AWT event model: We may like programmiing use many of the classes Import packagename. In Java User-interface objects such as buttons, list boxes, menus, etc. In java instances of i classes which are actual objects Eg: However, if you want to enable the user to draw with the mouse, you will need to trap mouse move, click, and drag events When the user clicks a mouse button, three listener methods are called: Multilevel inheritance can go up to any number of provramming.


By default, the logging configuration is controlled by a configuration file. For example, the following method tests whether a pair contains a given object. Main programming paradigms The imperative paradigm The functional paradigm The logical paradigm The object-oriented paradigm Other possible programming paradigms The visual paradigm One of the parallel paradigms The constraint based paradigm. This requires classes programimng implement the ActionListener interface, which, as we just mentioned, has one method: May 10, Consider, for example, an extension of our Employee class hierarchy.

Any collection class can be made thread-safe by means of a synchronization wrapper: A class can have more than one constructor. E Civil 5th Semester Question It is used notrs give initial values to instance variables of the objects. Arrays An array is a data structure that stores a collection of values of the same type. For buttons, as you might expect, an action event is a button click. But those drawing operations are very limited.

Paraeigms Pools The pool will run the submitted task at its earliest convenience. What is Thread Safe Collection and Why it is used?

Class, Interface version version Provides version entry.

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The ability of objects to respond differently to the same message or function call. The last two return information for fields declared directly by the class — regardless of the fields’ access types. That is a lot safer than having an Object parameter.

Or you can define all methods. ScheduledExecutorServicenewScheduledThreadPool int threads returns a thread pool pqradigms uses the given number of threads to schedule tasks.

For ellipses, these refer to the bounding rectangle.