Crispian Steele-Perkins: As a matter of fact, I haven’t taught for ten years. Currently I have to do a lot of playing, and I’ve got so many different instruments that. The BBC artist page for Crispian Steele‐Perkins. Find the best clips, watch programmes, catch up on the news, and read the latest Crispian Steele‐Perkins. Where were you born? What is your earliest musical memory? I was born in Exeter, UK (England) in where my father was the 5th generation of doctor in .

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We do follow fashion in England. Added, go to My Music to see full list.

Trumpet Concerto in D major Composer. Sir John Eliot Gardiner. So try and keep a level keel. It can be enjoyed at an steeele level and it can be enjoyed at a practical level.

When Haydn was in London, for example, people enjoyed meeting him and he was a very entertaining man. I think if you heard an early Verdi opera as performed in some of the provincial opera houses you would be absolutely horrified.

Hyperion Records

Well I hope so, I hope so. Such machines are in museums now!

She became a ballet dancer and also loved Ballroom dancing; I first heard music on the radio, usually dance bands. And I really do believe that includes the audience. We got bored with hearing it and we got bored with performing it. I am, and I think a serious scholar should support them. I taught at the Guildhall School of Music for ten or eleven years, and I still do a lot of master classes – including the one here at Northwestern earlier today. In addition to his work with classical orchestras and period instruments, Steele-Perkins has developed a body of television and film work which is universally recognisable today – most famously he played the theme tune to the popular British television programme Antiques Roadshowthe Pwrkins Bond film For Your Eyes Only and The Lord of the Rings: In my first school I loved visiting very old buildings [Exeter is a very old city] and I loved animals.


Also, I ride and repair motorcycles, another hobby where I meet interesting people; I joined my prekins motorcycle club at the same time as I started playing the trumpet. This trip, for instance, involves 10 days, and miles driving. The conditions that one encounters on a tour like this vary every day. A lot of our concepts of all musical performance are still very rooted in the 19th century.

Where were you born? Of course, that could all completely unravel, like the Balkans have.

Crispian Steele-Perkins (trumpet) – Artist – Hyperion Records – CDs, MP3 and Lossless downloads

And above all, now we all tend to specialize in one instrument. I do regard it as pioneering work with varying degrees of success. We do tend to get a bit boxed in nowadays and it all moves so fast that we tend to not see the wood for the trees. There are also many good professional players who do the teaching. Does your technique change for the size of the house or do you rely only on the instruments?

Crispian Steele‐Perkins

You have to play and keep practicing different trumpets. Any specific musicians or concerts that you remember? Well, I learned that from the countertenor James Bowman. So the conditions are different and he is trying to fulfill something rather different. Learn to play an instrument. We take the music very seriously and they get very high quality performances. So that sort of thing is very interesting.


At my later stesle I played cruspian all the time – I never wanted to do anything else and haven’t since! The the quality of teaching is very high now. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

You sort of get dry mouth. Bringing music that is both historically accurate as well as generally entertaining is his goal, and he manages to succeed very well no matter what the venue or the situation.

I do look back very fondly with memories of frispian. I remember a very close friend of mine, a young trumpet player, was killed in a car accident.

Biography | Crispian Steele-Perkins | Performer and Recording Artist

Views Read Edit View history. I think there is always hope because the pendulum swings.

You do strive for it and that moment happens when you least expect it sometimes. I enjoy playing on the modern trumpet and I enjoy playing it on the compromise trumpet, but most of all, I like that feeling that I am crispoan touching fingertips with Handel or Haydn.

Concerto Grosso a 6 in D major 5th mvt. Some have been very famous, some have had difficult lives, some are happy to be just ordinary.