The VFX is a dual channel Class A/B amp that delivers 50 watts RMS from a pair of EL34 tubes, to power two internal 12″ Celestion speakers. It feature User review from MGR/Edward Sousa about Crate VFX Crate VFX Read user reviews for Crate VFX V-Series Guitar Combo Amplifier (50 Watts , 2×12 in.) and see over product reviews at

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Try it out, you will like it.

Crate VFX Guitar Amp User Reviews | zZounds

If you are a guitarist that digs the British tone and vibe of EL34’s and likes to use digital effects for “soundscaping” I have not had to touch the amp other than to plug in and play. I hope Crate keeps making this amp because when this one wears out, I’ll buy another. Are you kidding me?! There is also a series effects loop,if more flexibilty is needed. My matchless cost me almost 3k and for the money this amp would be my first choice, if I only had 3k to spend for equip I wouuld buy the crate, a cratee LP 56 goldtop and an epiphone firebird v and I’d still have a good grand left over.

Rating and Reviews: Crate VFX5212 Guitar Amp

I currently have the head version of the V [V30H] that I absolutely dig. The included footswitch not only gives access to each channel,it allows two effects settings to be stored for both modes for easy call-up. I’m still keeping my matchless and my line 6 vetta though but this is my new “gig” amp.

I feel that the V50 twin is a superb amp that has great versatilty and a ton of quality clean and overdrive tones on tap. Very easy to use I cant beleive how good this thing sounds and my musician friends all were impressed as well.


For under 2 grand I dont think you can find a better sounding amp, the class A v series from crate are also first rate in sound, they may not be point to point wired like some of the high dig amps out there but the sound is incredible for the price. Makes setup a breeze!

See all Crate Products. Our gear experts can help! Fantastic while it worked.

I have owned mine for 1. The heavy leather padded handle is another nice touch. A guarantee so solid, you never have to worry about price when shopping at zZounds. At higher volumes and using the crahe there is a bit of noise which is the only “con” I can find for this amp. The clean channel can get everything from dark and jazzy to sparkling high end shimmer and spank. The transferable 5-year warranty gives some added peace of mind.

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They wont even give you a schematic for the thing, so vxf5212 tech had cratte buy that and charge me for that as well. Search in titles only Search in Amps only Search.

Overall I have to give this amp a Best clean channel EVER. If Crate decides to build a head version of the V50,then I’m buying one. The clean channel is very crisp and produces a very full tone with a great bottom end.

Don’t let the Crate name fool you, St. The basic tonal voice of the VFX is excellent and gives up nice harmonic detail and sustain I have not had to contact them but if they’re anthing like VFX I shouldn’t have to contact them. The high gain tones are rather articulate in nature and are more smooth than nasty.


Find a better price after buying from us? Do not be a follower and listen to what others say, try it for yourself!!! Most people have not seen nor heard a V and are really surprised to learn it’s a Crate. No minimum purchase required. My friend brought over his Mesa, I also used an A-B box side by side at lower volumes with my line 6 vetta and compared sounds and the crate sounds better than both, I called my friend who has a matchless c from and we put them side by side and this v sounded just as good but had more balls when the gain was cranked, the matchless had a bit more magic an some rnages but damn this crate is incredible, I always thought crate amps were 2nd rate and a cheap alternitive to much more expensive amps and I never even considered buying a”CRATE” even at a super bargain price but I am totlly blown away, the dynamics are excellent, the sound can please the most descriminating players from,blues,jazz and hardcore rock.

What do you think? Well built tube amp. All we need is the first payment up front and the rest in easy monthly payments! It’s well built, looks great and sounds great on Both Channels. Have not had to use them.

At zZounds, we know you want your gear fast, and shipped to you free of charge.