Jules, a high school student, lives with her family above their restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago. Their restaurant rivalry with the Angotti. Crash is a great, suspenseful, interesting book that always kept me hooked and wanting to keep reading. The DeMarco family, Jules, Rowan, Trey, Paula and. Crash by Lisa McMann. Crash is a romance/suspense novel with a touch of the paranormal and a Romeo and Juliet theme. Jules (Julia).

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There really wasn’t much of a plot besides the visions a This was so damn weird. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Specifically, the plot mcmamn the characters. I’ll just be over kcmann waiting The first thing she does is try to warn Sawyer and crasj her undying love in the same moment.

They plotted to leave their spouses and join forces to create one pizza enterprise. Jul 19, Aman rated it really liked it. If you find our site useful, please consider supporting us by donating a coffee! And one of those 3 stars. CRASH was a lot of fun Reading Crash is like talking to one of those Gilmore Girls.


Crash by Lisa McMann by Jasmine T on Prezi

mc,ann I really, really wanted to love this book. McMann kicks off the first book in her new Visions series with a bang. Or try to do something about them.

Stare at his number, then reluctantly hit delete, and it feels like the breakup we never really had. One of the things I enjoy most about Lisa McMann’s storytelling is how spare it is. Lists with This Book.


I thought maybe the writing would improve. We learn what instigated the rivalry between the Demarco’s and the Angotti’s. I thought the story crasb going to be more action packed and thrilling, I mean she sees visions!! There is some language the s-word and f-word a few times and there is an on-going joke about the “2 big balls” on the top of the family food truck.

I’m not sure on the next one, I have it for review though. So, don’t mind me, folks: The story line was fresh and interesting 3.

As their daily lives are so ordinary and close to real that I could really relate to the story. So far, I haven’t struck gold, or anything valuable. Trivia About Crash Visions, 1. A bitter, cold, brokenhearted feud that pulled Sawyer away mcjann Jules years before.


And wouldn’t you know it? She always entertains me from beginning to end.

She reads like a real teenager, from the angst although very minimal to llisa she handles stressful situations. But Jules starts seeing this vision of a terrible explosion The ending is unexpected. I read Dead to You last year and absolutely loved it, so I was hoping that this might be similar in writing style.

It was the same vision over and over again. Jul 28, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: He’s the lesser of two evils, kcmann, but nothing more than a name on a page. I felt like I was crwsh a middle grade fiction book with the way the character behaved and sometimes talked. The one aspect of the book I really did enjoy is the relationship between Jules and her two siblings, Rowan and Trey.

So this is why I still gave Crash a try knowing it’s written by the same author who wrote one of my least favorite books of all time.