Study 55 CPJE Questions and Answers flashcards from Jon W. on StudyBlue. Our question CPJE practice exam for California is designed to cover all key topics for California ensuring that you pass the CPJE exam on the very first try. Then there are 15 additional questions that don’t actually affect your score. The CPJE throws these in there to test out future exam questions.

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He is brought in to ER by family members with chief complaint of confusion and altered mental status for the last 24 hours.

When should I expect my results?

Exam Prep: NAPLEX & CPJE

Enlarged cardiac silhouette, mild pulmonary edema Echo: The course book will be mailed after registration and received within business days. A quick question regarding c-III and c-iv refills. Join Group settings More. Luma Sami December 4 at 4: Cpje Naplex December 20 at J is difficult to arouse; he is not oriented to time, person or place.

If your patient is on Normal Saline IV maintenance rate of cc per hour, how many milliEquivalents of NaCl will he be receiving in a day? Do I need to get doses before working at the pharmacy? What would be the most appropriate Lantus dose in units qhs?


A lot of scenarios are given asking you to decide as a pharmacist. Has anyone tried recently to schedule their CPJE? Rx Traden December 18 at Any thoughts on the next cpjd The lectures with the accompanying course book are comprehensive and no other review material will be needed; Our students rely on our course as their sole source of study and they do very well.

Online Course for NAPLEX / Clinical portion of CPJE > Pass Naplex Now

At cpj end of your study, we have two comprehensive practice tests to conclude the material that has been covered. I wonder if that’s the next pre-date? Can I check on psi website? I haven’t gotten hepatitis B vaccine before. I took CPJE 2. He has a history of diabetes and long-standing hypertension. Luma Sami December 19 at 1: Can be watched from your own home, on your own time – when you want to and as many times as you need. Hey everyone, for those that have received the green letter, how accurate is the 10 days to posting your license, as noted in the letter from your experiences?

Are there typically any calculations on the CPJE? You are commenting using your WordPress. Thank you for questiond your information. A patient with type 2 diabetes is taking 35 units of NPH insulin at breakfast and 55 units at bedtime.


I am from out of State and just trying to prepare as much as possible! This site uses cookies. Just for your reference.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. C Reduce dose to units SQ three times a week. Which of the following medications are used to treat hyperphosphotemia of ESRD? I think the time is adequate, I finished the exam about 20 minutes early. Good luck on CPJE!

When did take your test? Enlarged cardiac silhouette, mild pulmonary edema.

Online Course for NAPLEX / Clinical portion of CPJE

D Discontinue for a few weeks and when HgB. So if rx is written for days supply with no refills, can you dispense that?

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