The only resource written specifically for BC Social Studies 11 – all the support you will need to help students succeed in the Provincial Exam. What’s new in the . Week 11 – Starting Nov 13, Before our first class. Complete Questions on page 93 in Counterpoints; Complete Questions 1, 3 and 6 on page in. Social Studies 11 A Different Canada Chapter 1 Take Home Test Choose the best answer from those provided. Please use the bubble sheet.

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Canada Shifts Focus – and Beyond Unit 3: View and dsicuss Introduction. George Herman Ruth d.

Social Studies 11 Counterpoints Chapter1 Test Pages 1 – 4 – Text Version | AnyFlip

Tariffs are an important concept for socialss the Depression. What do you think? In what year did anti-Asiatic riots break out in Vancouver? During our first class Homework Check – Did you do what was expected to be prepared for class? Kristallnacht incident question Task 6: To the slowdown in world trade? What were the main recommendations of the Rowell-Sirois Commission?

Answer Key Online Social Studies 11 – (CounterPoints Textbook)

111 2 — Starting Sep 11, Assignments: Do questions 1 – 4 Complete Questions 1 – 2 on page 30 in Counterpoints for next day. Article 89 questions 1, 2 Task 3: In which year was the Chinese Exclusion Act made into law?


Scoials advertising slogan was used to promote immigration to the Canadian west? Which term is used to describe citizens of French-Canadian heritage?

District of Assiniboia d. The more I thought the longer the list became.

Annual updates countsrpoints ensure that all referenced links are active and secure. Use the tables to determine the two worst years of the Depression. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Make sure cookies are enabled or try opening a new browser window.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier Homework Check – Did you do what was expected to be prepared for class? Why do you think this was the case? Which three years had the highest expenditure on relief?

Do Questions on page I Match the following words with their correct meanings: What factors contributed to the rise of dictators after Counterppoints War I? Units 2 and 3 content for both the eText and eGuide will be available after October 20, and Unit 4 content in November What enticement was not offered to potential immigrants to Canada?

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Social Studies 11: Counterpoints

Complete the ” Postcards for Peace ” activity – we will each send a postcard to a Canadian Veteran to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Research this incident and write a paragraph summarizing it. Do you think this image of him was justified? See Figure p. On the timeline below that depicts Germany’s aggressions and invasions from tostate whether you think it was worth going to war over and give your reasons why. Your project is due next class.

Week 2 — Starting Sep counterpionts, Social s Studies 11 Unit Plan. Which environmental disaster seriously depleted the fish stocks on the West Coast? If you don’t follow the news, counterpints your teacher for some help on this question.

Why would people who had bought shares later in the decade have suffered more than those who bought shares before Applying the Skill questions socjals. A Decade of Despair Chapter 5: What will the format of your project be?