The COSMAC “ELF” was a microcomputer design by Joseph Weisbecker that was announced in the pages of the August edition of Popular Electronics . This is an implementation of the COSMAC Elf, constructed in going by the issues of Popular Electronics, with additional articles in March and July Popular Electronics was famous for the article introducing the Altair ran on building a very simple computer called the COSMAC ELF.

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And finally, we can sell you a complete kit of all the parts needed to build an Elfbut notice that this kit doesn’t include the switches or switch panel. Also, prices have dropped enough that you can try two or three if you choose. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. You don’t really need those, after all, to use the Elf but they sure are fun. The classic Elf “load” mode, of course, requires a genuine chip.

The Cksmac, on the other hand, could be put together on a piece of perf board. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Terry began to go blind during VIPER’s second year of publication, and the newsletter ceased after completion of the second volume. It featured two hexadecimal LED displays for byte data value output and a set of 8 toggle switches for input.

You might want to check out the Z based P or, if you want to go all the way, the Stack It might be popularr to understand why people got excited over a little computer with a handful of switches. Poppular, Josh Bensadon Toronto. He even did a nice front panel using Front Panel Express. It performs as electrinics as the Ohio Scientific Superboard which runs a This is true for just about all microcomputers, new and old.


So close, but one should be incrementing, other should be decrementing to really make it a stack-like cosmmac. An automatic bootstrap to allow the Elf to be used without any switches or keypad.

Sir you have truly earned the title of nostalgia buff. The was an improved version of the which was modeled and made as a drop in replacement for the Like Nick said, comparing raw clock cycles and processing power the chugs along while the with its pipeline architecture blazes.

A simple text editor and a load-and-go assembler, written by Eledtronics Rileywhich allows you to type in, edit, assemble and then run assembly language programs. Issues were packed with hardware hacks and software for various based computers. Notify me of new posts via email. Fully static operation you can single-step the clock, or freeze it. I want to just say that the 16 bit registers in the are not majorly used for memory data pointers.

Vintage COSMAC Elf is Pretty Close to Original

Swiss payphone manufacturer Sodeco-Saia used the for phones in France, Austria and many African and third world countries, where its low power allowed the unit to work entirely from the power of the phone line. Entering a byte via the toggle cosmc and pressing the “input” button would enter a byte into RAM and display it on the pair of hex LEDs, then advance the DMA counter to the next location.

The is nothing less than a treasure. The diversity of systems was an occasional source of frustration for members.


Vintage COSMAC Elf is Pretty Close to Original | Hackaday

Nonetheless, s all over the world remained hard at work. Programming for electrnoics was tricky, requiring careful timing and cycle counting in the interrupt service routine. Sounds like you need an RSS feed app. This code was then processed by a very lean inner interpreter, yielding an execution speed far greater than that provided by Tiny Basic.

The 80 Column Text Video Board replaces a separate terminal! The good news about the COSMAC Elf was that the CDP had a built in “loader” mode that allowed you to toggle in programs directly from the front panel with only eight switches and virtually no extra hardware.


In August of Joseph Weisbecker introduced a new microcomputer to the world in the pages of Popular Electronics magazine. Return by changing the PC back to the old register. There is also a built-in program load- [ 34 ]. I have found the best use of new technology is to preserve and illustrate the old technology.

Last modified October 05, To answer your question about vs A Forth interpreter, also populae by Mike Riley.

While the has a lot more cool wlf, it lacks some of the advanced programming abilities that the has. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Various other hobbyist systems can be found on the Internet, including hardware emulators using FPGA and modern microcontrollers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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