In Delusions of Gender the psychologist Cordelia Fine exposes the bad science, the ridiculous arguments and the persistent biases that blind. Delusions of Gender has ratings and reviews. Cordelia Fine, a psychologist, decided to write this book after discovering her son’s kindergarten. Delusions of Gender. How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference. Cordelia Fine (Author, University of Melbourne, Australia). Sign up for the.

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Yes, even the incontrovertibly genetic trait of having male or female genitals is environment-dependent: We should approach this delueions with a healthy dose of skepticism, for several reasons. Supppose, for example, you’re a neuroscientist interested in what parts of the brain are involved in mind reading.

So, just what are you likely to have been told? This book spends most of its pages presenting psychological studies showing that people are suggestible, that messages from the culture can influence one’s confidence and feeling of belonging, even their very identity and personality, and that this can impact their abilities to perform or their interest in a subject.

Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference

They expressed disappointment that Fine’s book ” Each claim delusoins makes in this section is backed up by solid research, and all her sources are outlined in the endnotes and bibliography, which together span about 80 pages. To ask other readers questions about Delusions of Genderplease sign up.

I know a fair amount about this from personal experience; my older son is autistic, and I have spent a large part of my life interacting with chessplayers, computer scientists, mathematicians, and other groups where Asperger’s types turn out to be common.

Surely the fraudulent behaviour of the author of The Female Brain ought to disqualify her for life from being able to write another book — but I see that despite a review in Nature after her first book was printed pointing out the remarkable in fact, incomprehensible and gobsmacking weaknesses and down-right misinformation in that book, she was able to publish another on much the same topic called The Male Brain.

This is not a book without faults. Although the paper is interesting and makes some excellent points, I’m struck by the way the participants in this debate seem to be talking past each other.


Delusions of Gender | W. W. Norton & Company

How you feel about what scientists discover has no bearing on the merit of their research. Researchers carry out poorly designed experiments with inadequate numbers of subjects, and then draw sweeping conclusions from differences which are not even clearly significant. In a funny and easy-to-read way, she explodes so much neuro-bollocks, she ought to get a prize for it.

Her writing is clear and unjargoned, though amply sourced and footnoted, and her arguments are admirably sane. Anyways, she takes a closer look at all these claims and experiments and disputes just about every one of them with scientific criticism. In fact — and this is a rare achievement for a book — it started me re-assessing my life from way back and seeing … well, seeing how often I had lived within gender assumptions and even played to them just because it made life not simply easier, but pleasanter.

As for the mother who couldn’t understand why her daughter swaddled, cuddled and put to bed her toy hammer – perhaps the reason was that it was always her mother, and never her father, that put her to bed. One can see, then, how all of these areas work together to create continuing perceptions of different abilities. But I will mostly resist. Retrieved from ” https: Newer, shinier versions take hold every year: Such ideas essentially modern day eugenics are not only peddled by authors of limited intelligence trying to make a quick buck from the enhanced sales such sexist rubbish ensures for their books with titles like Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus or Why Men Don’t Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes — but even by people with impressive sounding qualifications who write books called The Female Brain or The Blank Slate: Fine is hilarious when exposing the loaded survey questions that have been used to find gender differences.

Thinking in this way is a kind of madness that is much commoner in men.

You cannot socialize children to be gay, so there is no reason to deny gays the right to marry, and it’s abusive to try to socialize young homosexuals to be heterosexual. The rational response is to be as skeptical as possible about all such claims, and I will pay Fine the compliment of treating her own arguments with the same skepticism. Nobody wants to go to staff meetings, every man there must have rather envied the idea that femininity could excuse her, and yet my mother had to insist on her innate right to go to the darn things.


Seuss’s 42 books has a female lead in its central story; a study of 41 Caldecott winners and runners-up from to “found that female characters were most commonly described as beautiful, frightened, worthy, sweet, weakand scaredwhile male characters were big, horrible, fierce, great, terrible, furious, braveand proud.

I like nothing better than to discover that I was completely and utterly mistaken about something. View all 4 comments. The desirable occupations in life, the ones that are seen as the plums, must be taken up by men rather than women because they have the right brain composition. It may very well turn out that women are superior to men, but they can’t simultaneously be better and the same. The human brain, female and male, has a remarkable plasticity. In an amusing story, the 4 year old son decided to wear barrettes in his hair to kindergarten.

Fine makes good and important points, but she makes the sames ones again and again and again. Then we can get on to the more interesting discussion of how much difference is innate, and how significant those differences are. The roots of these beliefs are not in inherent biological limitations, but instead in cultural biases, education and raising, and priming.

If you like this book, please delusiosn The Blank Slate. Drawing on more sound but less high-profile research, Fine argues that most gender differences arise within social, cultural and personal environments that influence what hormones we produce and how our genes work. Indeed, there may be more similarities between a man and a woman who both have a comparatively large brain relative to their body mass than between a woman with a comparatively large brain and a woman with a comparatively small brain.

It seems fallacious gender research gets a free pass as long as it’s sexist in the right direction. Dellusions the Shiny Wrapping from Sex at Dawn. Most strong chessplayers – most World Champions, even – have never invented an opening. But the presentation of these studies often seemed to exaggerate them.

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