COOLPIX S from Nikon. Product Support Product Manual. COOLPIX S Photo of COOLPIX Cherry Blossom option for COOLPIX S Cool Blue. View and Download Nikon COOLPIX S user manual online. Nortel Networks Digital Camera User Manual. COOLPIX S Digital Camera pdf manual. View and Download NIKON COOLPIX S user manual online. COOLPIX S Digital Camera pdf manual download.

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Menus Choose how menus are displayed. Basic Operations The [] Playback Button Press [] once in shooting mode to enter playback mode; press again to switch back to shooting mode. Select the desired picture from full-frame A 26 or thumbnail A 49 playback mode and press d.

Exposure Compensation Exposure Compensation Exposure compensation is used manusl alter exposure from the value suggested by the camera to make pictures brighter or darker. The coolpkx of recording that can be made will be displayed.

NIKON COOLPIX S560 User Manual

Help Displays Press g j when M is displayed at the lower right of the menu screen to view a description of the currently selected menu option. The Smile Menu The following item can manua, set in the smile menu. When people’s faces front view are recognized: The Smile Menu The following item can be set in the smile menu.

WBWhite Balance Tile color of light reflected from an oBject varies with tile color of the light source. Recording Voice Memos Usethe camera’sbuilt-in microphone to recordvoice memosfor pictures.

Small Picture Page 69 – Manyal Memos: Connect the camera to the TV using the supplied audio video cable. Operation is not guaranteed with other makes of card. Types of folders their content Folder name Description [: Tile following sizes are available. Got it, continue to print. During Recording While the indicator of the number of exposures remaining is blinking on the monitor, pictures are being recorded. When shooting non-human subjects or when no faces are recognized: None default mnual No welcome screen will be displayed.


Using the Food Mode Use when shooting cuisines. Page 89 Audio voice r ecordings can be recorded over the built-in microphone and played back over the built-in speaker.

Small Picture Resizing Pictures: Classifying pictures for the Favorites folder Pictures can be added to favorites folders and sorted. Identifier not shown on camera monitor Original still pictures voice memo attachment includedmovies, voice memos, voice recordings Cropped copies voice memo attachment included Small copies voice memo attachment included.

Standard color default Use for pictures exhibiting natural color. Keep these safety instructions where all those who use the product will read them. Page 13 d Shooting, Playback and Setup Menus Index Symbols h Favorite pictures playback mode 67 R 41 f button 5, 22, 27, 49, 50 h button 5, 22, 27, 49, 50 g button 5, 11, 22, 27, 49, 50 i button 5, 22, 27, 49, 50 j button 5, 11 x Scene auto selector 42 k Apply selection button 5, 9 A Auto mode Page Color Options Make colors more vivid or record pictures in monochrome.

Record pictures in cyamblue monochrome, Pastel Change to a pastel shade.

Nikon COOLPIX S560 User Manual

Turn vibration reduction off when using a tripod to stabilize the camera during shooting. Ciolpix Nikon brand electronic accessories including battery a560, batteries and AC adapters certified by Nikon specifically for use with this Nikon digital camera are engineered and proven to operate within the operational and safety requirements of this electronic circuitry.

Page Printing Pictures at a Time After connecting the camera to tile printer correctly [] 86print pictures by following the procedure below. Using the Flash The flash has a range of 0. S Change the date and time.


Shutter sound Chooseshutter sound from On defaultsetting or Off.

Time-Lapse Movies Record flowers opening or butterflies emerging from cocoons. Tile editing features described below a re available.


Erase all images Delete all pictures. Preset Manual Shooting Options: Taking A Closer Look: Kodak nikon guide to digital photography with the digital camera reference manual coolpix s5 pages. Exposure count display shows maximum total length of movie that can be recorded. Monitor Settings Choose whether or not to display information in tile monitor, and set tile monitor brig htness.

Flash will be switched off for Continuous, BSS or Multi-shot 16 fixed at the values for the first picture in each series.

During Recording During Recording While the indicator of the number of exposures remaining is blinking on the monitor, mqnual are being recorded.

This equipment generates, uses,and are not expressly approved by Nikon can radiate radio frequency energy Corporation may void the user’s and, if not installed and used in authority to operate the equipment. The information on indicators in the monitor during shooting and playback will display only for a few seconds A Using List by Date Mode Tile following operations arepossiblefrom the date selectionscreen.

The following sizes are available. Macro Mode Macro mode is used for taking pictures of objects as close as 10 cm 3. Turn camera offand then Lens error O Lens error.

If possible, carry a fully-charged spare battery when taking pictures on important occasions.