Convolvulus pluricaulis is an herb found in India and Burma that is used in Ayurveda. The Ayurveda preparation shankapushpi is, according to most sources . Convolvulus pluricaulis is an indigenous plant commonly mentioned in Ayurveda , as a rasayana which is mainly advocated for use in mental stimulation and. Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) is widely known among the common people and medical fraternity because of its effectiveness for brain, that’s why, it is.

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These are used for getting rid of all toxins present in the patient s body. Therefore, to revalidate the Ayurvedic therapeutic claims of Shankhapushpi in light of contemporary experimental and clinical studies, this study was carried out.

Dhingra D, Valecha R. Anxiolytic effect of convolvulus pluricaulis petals on elevated plus maze model of anxiety in mice. Phytochemical test The preliminary phytochemical test of ethanolic extracts of C. In addition, it can also be used to improve memory and convolvulue cholesterol [10]. Panda S, Kar A.

For treatment of addictions, Rasayana treatments include changes in diet and use of oral herbal medicines both.

While maintaining the breath, the inhalation and exhalation should be continued till 15 minutes. It is used alone or is administered along with modern antiepileptic drugs. Convolculus studies available on Convolvulus pluricaulis Choisy published in Pubmed, Scopemed, Pubmed Central Databases, Dhara online database and other allied databases were also rationally reviewed and documented in the present review.


Shankhpuspi Evolvulus alsinoides Linn [J] a medicinal herb.

The decrease in motor activity due to spontaneous motor activity was observed during the study. It mainly takes care of the nerves by supporting and promoting healthy brain and mind. Alkaloids of Convolvulus subhirsutus from Uzbekistan. The authors are thankful to the authorities of Bundelkhand University Jhansi for providing support to the study and other necessary facility like internet surfing, library and other technical support to write a review article.

Materia medica of the local health traditions of Payyannur [J]. Shankhpushpi contains Carbohydrate- D glucose, maltose, ramnose and sucrose. Little human research has been published in the Western medical literature regarding this plant.

A range of herbal medicines and their combinations are used in the treatment of addictive problems in Ayurveda and these are to be consumed orally. Benefits of Shankhpushpi Convolvulus Pluricaulis And Its Side Effects The primary benefit of Shankhpushpi is that it is a brain tonic and improves memory and intellect. This is a review paper on the benefits of C. Many medicines are currently available in India, in which after mixing numerous plant extracts or powders with two or three Medhya plants including C.

A revised Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon. Spectrofluorimetric estimation of scopoletin in Evolvulus alsinoides Linn.

The vernacular names of C. Ayurveda identifies sleep problems as a resultant cause of pitta and vata. Densitometric standardization of herbal medical products containing Evolvulus alsinoides by quantification of a marker compound. Applications This paper could be applied by most Ayurvedic practitioners in their medication activities to treat patients with different types of diseases.


Convolvulus pluricaulis – Wikipedia

Herbal option for diabetes: Support Center Support Center. Uses of Shankhpushpi Convolvulus Pluricaulis. It first detects the doshas, and then treats them. Julie Mercy Pluircaulis David. What herbs will cure my condition?

Rakhit S, Basu NK. It is used in Ayurvedic formulation for chronic cough, sleeplessness, epilepsy, hallucinations, anxiety etc. Is used as a pliricaulis, alterative and febrifuge. Some of the effective yoga poses that assist in sleeping better include savasana and corpse.

An update on Ayurvedic herb Convolvulus pluricaulis Choisy.

Since most addicts have impaired liver function, herbs that improve liver function like Aloe Vera pluriaulis, PunarnavaLong pepper, Kutki, Tulsi are given to revive the liver. The drug is used as antiepileptic. Health Benefits of Shankhpushpi Convolvulus Pluricaulis. These must always be done under the supervision of an ayurvedacharya as they are quite potent.

The syrup consists of the following 12 species: Amarind Publishing Co; The journal have high circulation and visibility online, thus offer excellent media for promotion of your products, services or conferences through J Herbal Med Toxicol. The phytochemical structures present in C. Tirukati includes 13 species: The pharmacological effects exhibited by this plant have been elaborated in depth with citations from studies that have been conducted using this Ayurvedic plant.