A module for the IBM i (AS, iSeries) that enables you an easy conversion of print spool files from the IBM i to XML flies. – Spool to XML in seconds!. On iSeries, instead of transferring a spool file to an Excel spreadsheet, use the CPYTOIMPF command to create a CVS text file that can be easily loaded into. This allows the first character to be used as a control character so that you can convert the contents of the physical file back to a spool file and.

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Attaching business terms and conditions. CPF Not authorized to spooled file.

IBM i: Converting a spooled file to PDF

Channel number refers to a method of determining skipping for reports. Anonymous November 13, at Newer Post Older Post Home. Graphics data is lost. Specifies the name of the system where the job that created the spooled file JOB parameter ran. Using that file this worked.

Parameters Az400 Error messages. If it is apool installed on your server ask your IBM i administrator to install: Damiano February 20, at Importing data into Excel. If you can generate a spool file with Hebrew characters I do not see why this would not work. Just create a printer if you have client access and its print queue. Job name name Specify the name of the job that created the spooled file. Creation date date Specify the date the spooled file was created.


Converting a spooled file to PDF

The newly copied data is added to data existing in the member. Scroll through the list of programs to find the following this is from a 7. When you copy a spooled file to a physical file, certain information is lost or changed. And remember, CoolSpools software is created by Ariadne Software, well-established global experts in providing System i solutions — so you can trust it to be reliable as well as powerful.

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Steve Coyle April 22, at 1: CPF Member not spoil. KJB March 27, at The assigned channel values as specified on the command are as follows: Just now reading this thread Qualified job name Optional Qualifier 1: Required product option not available.

The function requires that product TS1 option 01 be available to use. So, in summary, the CoolSpools Spool Converter will definitely save your business time and costs whilst reducing its impact on the environment by saving paper.

To prevent “comment spam” all comments are moderated. Apart from producing bespoke reports, the Converrt Converter also enables the originator to password protect and encrypt the outputted PDF files, as well as adding restrictions to the PDF and including digital signatures to authenticate the report and show it has not been tampered with. This option may be useful for microfiche production.

I use this sequence: Paul Putkowski March 27, at 3: Find out more at http: Use this value when the job system name parameter or the spooled file create date and time parameter is to take precedence over the spol file number when selecting a spooled file. Sreedhar iSeries follower March 26, at 7: Anonymous August 3, at 7: Above article is good to a created PDF.


I have a physical file with a record length on my box that I’ve been using to copy spool files in for different reasons. The only valid values for this parameter are 1 through Spooling is a function of your computer system that saves data for later processing or printing. You can learn more about these from the IBM web site: Again, the data is coming straight from your spool files, which the CoolSpools spool file converter outputs as a System i PDF — no manual entry needed.

Splitting into multiple documents for sales territory or product type. After converting spool to Excel, you might need to format the document with color, borders, fonts or conditional formatting. All you have to do it set it up and instruct it what to send and to whom and it will run all by itself making you look even more efficient!

Merging the relevant spool file data with company information such as logos and watermarks. Technologically, the world is moving to a place where documents are created on computers, distributed via computers and digested on computers.

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