In , Omniasig VIG premiums had a total value of RON billion with RON million from CASCO contracts and RON million. Check out Expert profiles at Omniasig Vienna Insurance Group, job listings & salaries. Review & learn skills to be a Expert. Insurance Agent at OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group I sold RCA and CASCO,(other non life insurance packages) by fleets of cars. of stone quarry – contracts, invoicing, collection of money/Contracts/Basic accounting/Human resources.

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Your car gives you independence and comfort. Motor-Hull insurance means more than protection against the risks of theft and accidents.

Global crisis, local troubles dog insurance market – Business Review

Therefore, OMNIASIG VIG helps you protect your car along with your goods, to benefit from road assistance services and covers your expenses if your car needs contraxt from the accident site to the repair shop or parking lot. In choosing the right insurance you need to consider the risks that omniasjg wish to secure: The insurance premium is according to the type of protection chosen, and can be reduced by agreeing the deductible, that part of the damage covered by the client.

Deductible is a fixed amount or percentage of the claim or the insured amount covered by the insured. Opting for deductible lowers the premium. Motor TPL regress is a facility offered to the Motor Hull customers, when responsible for the accident is another identified vehicle driver, having a valid MTPL insurance.


The compensation will be based on own Motor Hull insurance and the insurance company will make further efforts to recover the amount from the insurer of the other driver.

Repair shop regress offers Motor Hull customers the possibility of compensation for damage by repair shops, car wash, etc. The insured amount omnasig the amount for which the vehicle is insured and is the maximum compensation awarded by the insurance company.

On the omnizsig home or if travelling in summer or winter, safety is the number one priority. And if you take every precaution, you can relax and you can hit the road.


Abroad, each country has its own legislation, a radar detector can be a legal device only within the boundaries of a particular country, so inform yourself and plan your trip carefully.

For caso, winter is the most difficult season, snow, fog, ice turn traffic into a real challenge. Your Motor-Hull insurance Your car gives you independence and comfort.

Collisions with other vehicles, movable or immovable objects, people or animals located outside the vehicle; Mobile objects, people or animals in the vehicle due to a car accident; falling of the vehicle in water, cliff, falling on the vehicle of objects trees, blocks of ice or snow, rocks etc. Circulation outside of the public roads ; Driving by others; Expanding the repair shops network. You choose the payment frequency: Advantages and Benefits Basic coverage for the most common risks Omniiasig customized with additional coverage the Motor-Hull insurance suits your needs Extended territorialityregardless of the existence of a Motor TPL insurance from OMNIASIG VIG You can receive accident insurance for passengers also, omnaisig in one insurance policy 15 days grace period for payment of due installments, insurance remaining in force Transportation costs to the repair contrct or your parking lot.


Omniasig turnover down percent in , to RON million – Business Review

Tips and trick On the way home or if travelling in summer or winter, safety is the number one priority. Documents that you must carry with you all times in that country Required equipment Prohibited equipment The maximum speed on the roads Drinking and driving Sanctions: Generate a new image.

Payment Methods Forms Contravt do you do in the case of the insured event?

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