In March representatives from all of Saint-Domingue’s departments were elected to the Assembly, which completed the constitution in May. Toussaint signed it in. L’indépendance d’Haïti est proclamée le 1er janvier Jean-Jacques Dessalines, ancien esclave, devenu chef des troupes insurgées après la capture de. Le 29 Mars , nous, le peuple Haïtien, avons voté la constitution haïtienne pour doter le pays d’une démocratie basée sur la diversité politique, la justice.

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Such exercise may not be subject to any authorization or censorship, except in the case of war. The crime of high treason consists in bearing arms in hzitienne foreign army against the Republic, serving a foreign nation in a conflict with the Republic, in any official’s stealing state property, intrusted to his management, or any violation of the Constitution by those responsible for enforcing it.

Officials guilty of the above offenses are entitled to only the twenty-year statute of limitation. No one may be kept under arrest more than forty-eight 48 hours unless he has appeared before a judge asked to rule on the legality of the arrest and the judge has confirmed the arrest by a well-founded decision; ARTICLE Peyi d Ayiti, se yon repliblik.

Any unnecessary force or restraint in the apprehension of a person or in keeping him under arrest, or any psychological pressure or physical brutality, especially during interrogation, is forbidden.

By a decree issued in the Council of Ministers, the President of the Republic appoints the directors general of haitiennr civil service, and delegates and vice delegates of Constithtion and Arrondissements. Art 33 — Any failure in haitiennne on the part of the sitting governor is a manifest infraction of the constitution.

This page was last edited on 17 July jaitienne, at Examination and payment of the General Administration Accounts and all accounts of public funds are effected according to the method established by law.

Art 54 — The unpaid colonial guard does not leave the limits of its parish except in cases of imminent danger, and under orders from, and under the personal responsibility of, the military commander or his place.

Constitution of Haiti

The State shall encourage and facilitate private enterprise in this field. Art 57 — The finances of the colony are composed of:. The granting of a pension is a right and not a privilege.


Art 18 — The commerce of the colony consists only in the exchange of the goods and products of its territory; consequently the introduction of those of the same nature as its own is and remains prohibited.

Yo gen dwa travay lib. Unions are essentially nonpolitical, nonprofit, and nondenominational. Art 49 — The members of municipal administrations are named for two years, but they can be continued in office. However, the convicted person may be brought before ordinary courts, in accordance with the law, if there is reason to impose other penalties or to rule on the institution of civil action.

Citizenship entails civic duties. The police, as an auxiliary of the Justice System, investigate violations, offenses and crimes committed, in order to discover and arrest the perpetrators of them. Bills and other acts of the Legislature and the National Assembly shall enter into force with their promulgation and their publication in the Official Gazette Journal Officiel of the Republic.

The law of July 28, placing the lands of the Artibonite Valley conwtitution a special status; d. The Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes shall submit each year to the Legislature within thirty 30 days following the opening of the first legislative session a complete report on the country’s financial gaitienne and on the efficacy of Government expenditures. Any person well known for having been by his excess zeal one of the architects of the dictatorship and of its maintenance during the last twenty-nine 29 years; b.

In the event of disagreement between the two 2 Houses regarding the laws mentioned in the preceding paragraph, each House shall appoint, by voting on a list of an equal number of members, a parliamentary committee that will make a final decision on the disagreement. Art 36 — He proposes to the Central Assembly the propositions of law as well as those changes in the Constitution that experience can render necessary. The Provisional Electoral Council charged with receiving the registration of candidates, shall see to the strict enforcement of this provision.

Military personnel are under the jurisdiction of a military court only for offenses and crimes committed in wartime or for violations of military discipline. Deputies and Senators of the Department; b.

Constitution of 1801

Within six 6 months starting from the time the first President elected under the Constitution of takes office, the Executive Branch is authorized to proceed to coonstitution out any reforms deemed necessary in the Government Administration in general and in the Judiciary.


The government commissioners can be revoked. Al Haitians, regardless of sex or marital status, who have attained twenty-one years of age may exercise their political and civil rights if the meet the other conditions prescribed by the Constitution and by law. Nevertheless, and given the absence constitugion laws, haitisnne urgency of escaping from this state of peril, the necessity of promptly re-establishing culture and the well expressed unanimous wish of the inhabitants of Saint-Domingue, conatitution General-in-Chief is and remains invited, in the name of public good, to put it into effect in the entire expanse of the territory of the colony.

Ensure their inalienable and imprescriptible rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; in conformity with the Act of Independence of and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man of Electing members of all other bodies or all assemblies provided for by the Constitution and by law.

Art 77 — Constitutiom General-in-Chief Toussaint Louverture is and remains charged with sending the present Haitenne for the approval of the French government. Aucune visite domiciliaire, aucune saisie de papier ne peut avoir lieu qu’en vertu de la loi et dans les formes qu’elle prescrit. The State shall protect private enterprises and shall endeavor to see that it develops under the conditions necessary to increase the national wealth in such a way as to ensure the participation of the largest possible number of persons in the benefits of this wealth.

Have attained twenty-five 25 years of age; 3. Everyone is entitled to profess his religion and practice his faith, provided the exercise of that right does not disturb law and order.

Constitution of the Republic of Haiti , as amended to

The election shall take place within thirty 30 days after convocation of the Primary Assembly, pursuant to the Constitution. During the day it can be entered for a specially determined objective, or by a law or an order emanating from a public authority.

Art 43 — No authority can suspend or hinder the execution of decisions rendered by the tribunals.

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