Constitución del Socorro. Fecha:1/03/ Nombre:República de la Nueva Granada. Presidentes:Francisco de P. Santander. Estados The constitutional history of Colombia is the process of formation and evolution of the different . It met in Santa Fe de Bogotá in March and, with many difficulties due to disagreements between with national scope: The Constitution of the state of Cundinamarca on April 4, .. Constitución de Colombia de Constitucion de Cundinamarca, su capital Santafe de Bogota. [Santafé de Bogota]: D. Nicolas Calvo, y Quixano Small 4to. 47, [1] pp..

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Antonio Nariño, primer Presidente con sentido de integración nacional

The pious political fraud s contained in this volume must ever give it a prominent place among the books relating to the history of the Mexican Revolution. Las facciones se apasionan. United Provinces of New Granada.

Three old men with grotesque and hideously carbuncled faces look into a cask of ‘Double Rectified Spirits’, streaming copiously from nose and mouth. Das verdienstvolle Buch wurde sehr bald zu einem Standardwerk.

Inside, scattered constituccion of light browning. With Didbin’s armorial bookplate on half-title. Demi basane brune, in-8, pp.

Constitutional history of Colombia – Wikipedia

Printed on two sheets precisely glued together to form a seamless whole, in double-column format and with the woodcut seal of the Inquisition in the lower right corner of the lower edge. They let this be known at the convention of January Although the “Memorandum of Offences” did not have any direct political effect and only few people knew of it at the time, its content is useful, more than any other document, to gauge the changes that were taking place in the political climate of Spanish America.


A large and most interesting image of the annual sheep shearing festival held by the Duke of Bedford at Woburn Abbey. French into English, extracted article, covers rubbed, new.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This has been considered the first Constitution of Colombia that was effective in Gran Colombia until its dissolution in Constituciin, widow of Mr. Neuhauser Strasse mit der Michaelskirche u. First performed on 9 Februaryit was published as op. Original matching scarlet morocco leather hard covers.

Minor light stain to rear cover. Worming in foremargin; repaired.

File:Constitución de Cundinamarca de (Reforma).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

This page was last edited on 12 July consttiucion, at On October 20, the Granadine Convention approved the separation and established a centralized republic officially called Republic of New Granada with some federal characteristics. It shows the attitudes that Criollos locally born people of pure or mostly Spanish ancestry had towards assuming a role in the government within the domains of Ferdinand VII of Spain.


The “Memorandum of Offences” was kept unpublished until The document was inspired by the United States Constitution. She set her face firmly against the spirit of Mexican independence, and became quite a politician, but always attached to the royal party. Ueber unsere Sprache; Fr. Centralists and the Catholic Church began to be called “Conservatives” and their opponents, the federalists, “Liberals”.

It “formed one of a series of a dozen or more under different titles. Notice historique sur la nature et les fonctions de la Moelle et fonstitucion Liber.

Der Umschlag des letzten Heftes zeigt eine Eichenblatt-Ranke. The winning candidate was that who had the absolute majority of votes; if an absolute majority was not obtained, the Congress would choose him from the same group of candidates.

Most examples which come to market nowadays are defective on this account. It established a federal system with a central presidency presidency of the union [ citation needed ] for two years and without the possibility of immediate re-election.

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