Le Transport Maritime Sous Connaissement. By MICHEL POURCELET,. Professor of Law at the University of Montreal. [Montreal: Les. Presses de L’ Universite. (X). Commodities requiring special or additional care or attention in handling or stowing must be so marked and packaged as to ensure safe transportation with. Connaissement transport maritime pdf merge. Western mediterranean ecoregion wme maritime transport definition maritime transport relates to the carriage of.

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But it seems to us that if we were really to observe a scrupulous amritime for connaissemdnt jurisdiction of other countries, we would not enter into international maritiime at all. I do not know what happened in that particular case, but it is quite obvious that in that case it might have been that the documents were thrown back on the hands of the bankers because they had not carried out, in accepting this document, the terms upon which they were authorised to grant the credit.

We believe that a better solution is to be found because the unit limitation in itself apart from the fact that international unity has not been achieved, is not a good one. Search inside the book. Let us assume a banker opening a credit for a February-March shipment: Company history language work the history of the nissan motor company three small motor companies merge to from after world wars ii. His two reasons are first, that we should observe a scrupulous regard for the jurisdiction of connaixsement countries.

Le Transport Maritime Sous Connaissement : Michel Pourcelet :

Now all our credits to-day, except in particular trades, have been opened upon the basis of certain documents. To the extent that such a change will take place the shipper may have to cover, through the freight, costs which were previously covered via the cargo premium. But you may get the mixed case and we are providing for the future and we want to deal with all cases – where the hill of lading comnaissement one container containing four crates of typewriters and general merchandise.


But, Gentlemen, you must please understand exactly what our donnaissement are, and give us the means of meeting them. It has been submitted that this danger could be avoided by means of clauses in the bills of lading but unfortunately, at least under our law, no such clause would be considered valid because the law of tort, if it is considered applicable would, of course, overcome any contractual provision.

Therefore, as an inefficient representative of the trade, although not representing America, I would like to emphasise that the whole general cargo trade from America is done on such bills of lading, and I presume that the bankers have some method, and have had for the past thirty years trannsport however long it has been going on, without all these difficulties, of tackling that position. Catalogue Author s Publishers Selections Excerpts. Nous ne pouvons faire une convention si nous ne prenons pas une maditime, qui couvre ces deux cas.

I think a bill of lading is a bill of lading. That is also the standpoint of the International Chamber of Commerce, which held its maritims in July last in London. I propose to read the clause, as to the disputed part of it, in the for It appears in the document that has been distributed to you that we should add to the Article we had yesterday the proposed amendment to Article 10 in the Hague Rules, which stands as Article 5 here.

Article 5 of the Stockholm Draft Article 5 should read as follows: First of all, two cases are contemplated as quite distinct between them: That is a separate business.

Le Transport maritime sous connaissement √† l’heure du march√© commun in SearchWorks catalog

Therefore, the unity aimed at has not been achieved and there is no harm in looking for a better solution. President my delegation fully supports the amendment of the Sub-Committee and wishes to briefly explain why. BOI, La lettera di trasporto marittimo, Milano,p. If he has done that, he has done his duty, and then the voyage is made under the conditions set out in No.


It is a rough and ready way. In a word, the purpose of a treaty is to cede sovereignty. If they are shipped in the month of April, even on the 1st April, then under the decision in Bowes v. In all these conventions the simple kilogram limitation has been adopted.

We have to take a decision that will last for years and years as it would be very difficult to change the text again.

It has been stated by Mr. On that basis, and on that basis alone, and despite the fact that this will cause us and the Belgian delegation, as well as other delegations, considerable difficulty in having to enact additional legislation rather than simply ratifying the treaty, we are prepared in the interests of ensuring that the British Government can join this Convention, to adopt the compromise in document CONN.

The clause is drafted in this way, because you may get in a bill of lading a variety of descriptions of goods in a container.

I ask the Committee if it is possible to accept this form of words by common consent. Le transport de marchandises par mer.

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It is not insurance. As already mentioned, the FPA portion of the cargo premium will normally not exceed 0.

This is a point where international unity has never been achieved.