Taking the Cake! (Confectionately Yours #2). by .. I really enjoyed the book Taking the Cake, Confectionately Yours, by Lisa Papademetriou! I seem to like this. Confectionately Yours has 5 entries in the series. Confectionately Yours ( Series). Book 2. Lisa Papademetriou Author (). cover image of Sugar and Spice. Confectionately Yours. Taking the Cake! Author: Lisa Papademetriou. AGES 8 – 12 This mess really takes the cake! Get this book. Watch the Trailer! close.

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Now Hayley’s crushing on someone who might just be Artie’s new boyfriend.

Taking the Cake! (Confectionately Yours #2)

To confectjonately the series. Sep 19, Emmy Lou rated it really liked it Shelves: She has to see her mom on weekdays and her dad on weekends. Hayley and her little sister, Chloe, have just moved into their grandmother’s house with their mom, who recently divorced their dad and now runs the family’s tea shop.

This YA series is really quite adorable. And her dad appears to be getting more serious with his new girlfriend.

Confectionately Yours #2: Taking the Cake!

Hayley has a lot to deal with, since her parents have divorced and she has a new best friend. Great book for kids going in or in grade!!


The stomach virus is the least of her problems. I wasn’t sure what to write as the summary for Taking the Cake because in some ways nothing much happens and if I tell cnfectionately I kind of tell you the whole plot of the book.

With her knack for baking, Hayley helps out too, but her newfound talent seems to have cost her her best friend, Artie. How can Hayley possibly be expected to keep a smile on her face when it seems everything is crumbling down around her? This book is about a girl with a hard life with problems that need to be solved.

For example, Hayley liked a boy named Devon and then Artie became boyfriend and girlfriend with him. If you want to get the book online, ask your parent to help you purchase it. See all 4 questions about Taking the Cake! I found it particularly interesting that in this book, Hayley made a series of bad decisions, the kinds that are probably typical among teenagers.

Jan 08, Sarah M rated it it was amazing Shelves: I like this book because it can be really relatable to things that happen on daily lives but something that Taking the cake!

Taking the Cake!

Hicks ,” the dean says, and walks away. But now, she might be ruining her friendship with her best friend Artie! I’m not gonna give u the rest though Confectionatey Your Avatar First, pick a character. In this sequel to Save the Cupcake! She was really embarrassed and the whole restaurant turned and looked at her. It really is a page turner, I like how they develop all the emotions and feelings into the characters. I think the people should read this book because it is a book where you can’t put down.


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Basically, it continues where Save the Cupcake! I loved this book so much and I think other people should read it too.

But Haley still likes her anyway. Refresh and try again. You have to sign in, first!

She’s just a regular boook, trying to deal with regular middle school problems. With her knack for baking, Hayley helps out too, but her newfound talent seems to have cost her her best friend, Artie.

Friend’s First Name Only. The Best Books of Her little sister Chloe wants her to like their dad’s new girlfriend, so there are issues there too.