Severe pain is unusual and may indicate other complication. Postoperative swelling: Mild swelling normal, esp. if difficult procedure/trauma. Significant swelling. After a tooth extraction if you don’t follow all of the precautions and warnings from your dentist you may get some complications. Sometimes these complications. Venkateshwar GP, Padhye MN, Khosla AR, Kakkar ST. Complications of exodontia: A retrospective study. Indian J Dent Res [serial online] [cited Dec.

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Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; J Oral Surg ; The gums are worn away and the underlying bone is visible in this condition. A placebo controlled study of ibuprofen.

Complications of Exodontia – WikiLectures

Dentists decide whether to give antibiotics after the tooth extraction or not. A case against medicating post extraction sockets.

Dry socket incidence compared after a 12 year interval. The role of experience of the surgeon. Age of the patients and morbidity associated with mandibular third molar surgery.

Indian J Dent Res ; Our mouth is full of bacteria. Bleeding that continues after 48 hours and acute pain and swelling are very common signs of infection after the tooth extraction and the patient should visit the dentist in such circumstances to avoid further complications. It is more common after the dental extraction of lower teeth than the upper teeth, and it can happen even after the simplest tooth extraction. Prevalence, clinical picture and risk factors of dry socket in a Jordanian dental teaching center.


Complications of Exodontia

Normally, for simple tooth extractions, antibiotics are not required, but if a patient has pain and swelling, even or pus, then it is better to go for preventive antibiotics. Here is a list of a few that may occur.

exdontia Do not do anything that will dislodge the clot. Conical graph showing a comparison of complications occurring with a low frequency Click here to view.

Complications with Tooth Extraction

Dental extraction wound management: J Am Dent Assoc ; This article has been cited by. Reducing the incidence of dry socket: The dentist who is doing the tooth extractions knows how much pressure needs to be applied to pull out the tooth, but sometimes dentists will warn the patient that the bone structure around the tooth has become fragile and chances of fracture are there after evidence is seen compoications a dental x-ray.

Accidental third molar displacement into comlications lateral pharyngeal space.

Extraction of impacted third molars: Likewise, patients who are taking aspirin or non-steroidal analgesics tend to have increased bleeding time as well. How to complictions this URL: If the perforation does occur then the patient should follow certain instructions:. The most common complications encountered were tooth fracture, trismus, fracture of cortical plates and dry socket.


Patil Dental College and Hospital, Dr. Evaluation of trismus, bite force, and pressure algometry after third molar surgery: Any patient taking anticoagulants like Heparin or Coumadin, or patients who have bleeding disorders, like hemophilia, should give this medical history to the dentist so that they may be aware to help prevent further complications.

Do not suck on anything until the tooth socket heals. Finch Displaced third molar. Infection is the most common compliactions after tooth extraction. Donut chart showing a comparison of complications occuring with xeodontia high frequency Click here to view.

exodobtia Efficacy and risk factor analysis. If one follows the instructions of the dentist after Tooth extraction to take rest and to keep the gauze piece for 1 to 2 hours after the procedure then the problem of bleeding is not there. Sometimes you may notice in a dental x-ray it looks as if the roots of the back teeth are virtually in the sinus.