If you grew up in the s, you were probably traumatized by the work of Whitley Strieber—the author whose work inspired the ultraviolent. The Communion Letters. 20 Jul, Anne and Whitley Strieber’s shattering all- time classic on the close encounter experience. Reading these letters, chosen. Whitley’s Strieber’s Communion is another formative object for me. Well, maybe “ formative” is a bad choice of words. After all, I was 12 when the.

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He’s willing to plagiarize his own books and put past statements into the mouths of new fictitious beings. I cuddled with her for commubion rest of the night. There are some in a very complex and parasitical relationship with our minds, and some of these seem to me to be close enough to the human to suggest that they are hybrids of ccommunion kind.

Wildly contradictory postures like these are standard operating procedure for Strieber. Now available for the first time as an ebook. My ambition is to make the relationship fruitful, and to enable them to interact with us openly without wrecking our lives. In Strieber’s book Communion was published, which caused a furor.

More relevant than ever! I devour the book in a couple of days and during the read I got what can only whirley described as a Flashback Suddenly I remembered being with a pal at age 11ish standing on an Orkney hilltop in the night watching huge glowing red orbs passing silently over the town communioon This flipped me out I became paranoid as more memories of other events filtered into my consciousness I ended up reading every UFO book I could track down in an attempt to read up on any reports of glowing red balls It took me ten years to sleep with the light wbitley Are there aliens?


This book, written with Anne Strieber and with a foreword by Dr.

Communion (book) – Wikipedia

That would surprise me very much. We called them terrible. Strieber rushed out a sequel to Communion the following year called Transformation: Some readers may not rate this book quite as high. His attempts at theory about what is in fact going on behind the scenes range from the very insightful and creative I especially liked the theory that UFOs are contacting humanity across all eras of time simultaneously, which explains why they can have been around for thousands of years and still be inquisitive about humanity to an incredibly stupid and treacly epilogue where Whitley’s attempts at poetic philosophizing are especially grating and facile.

Everybody else was going along the road, but he realized this thing was fake. Why don’t they just say “we’re here! There was an error in your submission. Naturally she didn’t believe him and thought he’d been up to mischief. Strieber foresees a future time when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead will fall, and the dead will come to dwell among us in a physical form and become a normal part of everyday life.

sstrieber It is no more believable than the Bible. We have by our lies created the impression that an excursion of the pure is an invasion by monsters from the depths of our own psyche. Prepare to be shocked, enlightened, and filled with wonder. Alright, about fifty pages into this book I started to realize what direction this book was heading in. Who were these Visitors?


The close encounter experience sometimes also includes the appearance of deceased friends and family, which implies that the visitors can cross between our world and the world of whutley dead. Meet Flynn Carroll, a cop who has to work with alien cops to catch alien criminals on Earth. Finally, the same notion striebre loving your enemies because they offer the chance for victory was in Strieber’s head as far back as his early novel The Hunger Books by Whitley Strieber.

I knew full well that we are going to have a really rough time in the next fifty years… Though he only says so to undermine the assertion, his end-of-the-world terror resonates throughout the book, and for me defines the narrative.

After all it’s not a work of literary genius but it kept me glued to the story and most of all I rated 5 stars because I think folks should take notice of this story!

Reality Sandwich

Alien “grays” are considerably less protean or magical beings than were the faeries of previous lore. Oh, yes, this is a good read Read Part Two here.

The ideas, statements, and opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Open Minds. I’m still not sure how this was promoted as proof.

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