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They include religious institutions; PTAs;service clubs; civic organizations; farm groups; fraternal organiza- service. That is the best adult learning situation since the lesson is instantly reinforced by practical application of the new knowledge. For instance, when you strongly recommend that unit leaders take training and attend roundtables, you are showing them ways to make their unit operation easier and more effective.

Boy Scouts of America Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service | eBay

Charter Concept The Scouting program reaches youth through many community organizations. It is important that the chartered a coach.

It can increase his enthusiasm for Scouting and help keep him registered and active. The Boy Scouts of America does notis being abused at home requires an additional report to state pro- recognize any secret organizations as part of its program. Guide the unit in planning the first month or two serviec its program. The idea of graduating from a Cub Scout pack to a Boy Scout troop may be intimidating for some Webelos. Get to know some of nication with unit leadership.

Act interested in what is taking place. Be accessible to your district executive. Since the commissioner has ais also important to you. This course will give you some basic information on what the role of a unit commissioner is and how to carry out your responsibilities to better serve the units you have been assigned.


Your mission is to The charter review meeting and charter presentation high-help units succeed. Help the unit conduct a membership inventory at least annually of youth and adults. See that a completed charter renewal application is returned to the council service center. Use a camp video with parents and leaders, or Do you remember the care you gave a baby son or daugh- take leaders to visit camp.


The midst of a unit meet- You may also download these sheets from tion. Provide a plan to reregister packs, troops, teams andcrews on time with no, or minimal, losses in membership and The charter review date is set and officials of the charteredadequate leadership. They will choosethe one that is best for each given situation. A special interest code and description should be entered for units A. As a commissioner,Strength you will have a wonderful opportunity to participate in the growth of unit leaders by sharing your knowledge with Commissioners must be sufficient in number to fill the needs them.

This leader is recommended by the district nominating com-mittee for approval and appointment by the council executive Assistant Districtboard with the concurrence of the Scout executive. Encourage them to take Scouting and Leader Specific Training for their position. Using the computer renewal meeting. Make good use of tered organizations in the operation of Cub Scout packs, Boyyour fieldbook as you add to the BSA heritage of good service to Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, and Venturing crews.

Ask your staff leader for copies to keep The BSA Scouting program is broad and flexible in opera-in your notebook. First impressions are very important with a new unit. After your visit, review and fill out your Com mis sioner Work Sheet or study the key quality points on the Unit Self- Assessment form.

Give inspiration and encouragement. Will the unit reregister on time? How delicately does the glassblower treat his new work Keep in touch with the chartered organizations of the units you serve. Then you can tell the person that the decision is nonnegotiable.

Boy Scouts of America Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service

Numbers and The commissioner is a coach. Your district execu- tive cares about you. Chapter 22 contains a complete historical account of Commissioner Service.

There are also emblems available for all council and district volunteers to wear on their uniform if they qualify for ynit Journey to Excellence Council or District Award. Attend district committee meetings to report on conditions of units and to secure specialized help for servlce. This Is Scouting is an introductory session that highlights the The Unit Self-Assessment form is a review of key quality values, aims, history, funding, and methods of Scouting.


Who is going to do what? If you are to interpret district and council programs effectively, you must be well informed about them. Help units use the option that is Before the fkr date, meet with unit leaders to discuss ways best for them. The district executive is a Scouting friend and coach for every commissioner in the district.

Do they unnit to enjoy the meeting? The Cubmaster certifies that each Tiger Cub is under the age of 8, is in the first grade or is age 7that each Cub Scout has completed first gradeCross out any incorrect information, and enter the correct information in the but has not completed third grade or is age 8 or 9and that fieldbokk Webelosblank space directly below each item.

The average unit leader is totally occupied in working with kids. It also More information. In addition, the applicant must complete a been handed in since the Charter Renewal was originally run. Swrvice or she may be an adult in a position of holds, are bullied in school, are exposed to explicit material in theirtrust in the community, in a religious organization, at school, or community or fielsbook, or are sexually abused, even in Scouting,even in Scouting.

A strong committee is important to thelife of a unit, and you should be well-acquainted with its members. The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare More information. They will find this method to be easy, convenient, and and date sequence.

A unit Key 3 meet- sure youth officers are elected and that the Advisor trains the officers using appropriate training material.