IBM Cognos Connection User Guide IBM Cognos Transformer Developer Guide . and are not backward compatible with IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay. Documents IBM Cognos Connection User Guide Description Using IBM . and are not backward compatible with IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay products. User Guide – Cognos Transformer – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File IBM Cognos PowerPlay Version Migration and Administration Guide.

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Create Member-based Security When you create a custom view, you select security objects users, groups, and roles configured in your IBM Cognos namespaces, and then define a specific view of the data for those security objects using dimension filtering methods, such as apexing or cloaking. In this case, the object is a signon.

A cube is a multidimensional data source that contains measures data organized into dimensions. Could you please provide estimate time ti build a cube using Iqd’s and steps to create cube.

Transformer User Guide 10.2.1

Cgnos non-date level is positioned in the time dimension in such a way that Cognos Transformer is unable to generate categories for any lower levels that may have date functions specified. Individual query items can be used as source columns in the Cognos Transformer model, and can be updated using the Modify Columns feature.

On the Dimension Map, Cognos Transformer shows a small outlined box where it will create the new level.

Page – Example – Union of Excluded and Cloaked If the region you want is not in the list, your PowerPlay administrator can add it for you. Verifying Your Model Cognos Transformer provides a built-in validation tool to help you identify problems with your model design.

To verify that you have maintained a 1: There are several constraints that apply when defining these two types of powerplaj together: This reduces the number of attributes and keeps the data volumes to only the necessary items for cube building. If you want to define business rules, do so in the Cognos Transformer model rather than in Framework Manager. Procedure Ensure that the columns in the data sources for your model have not been deleted. Because your business aligns its fiscal year with the calendar year, you do not want Cognos Transformer to apply the default setting Always Split when reporting the data for partial weeks at the end of the calendar year.


Page The following dimension map icons are used to indicate the type of dimension or level. Your source trandformer contains warehouse inventory counts for the middle and end of each month.

This category cannot have a partition specified. Do not change the name of the drill-through target report, or the powwerplay report will not be able to locate it. If a package with the same name has already been published to IBM Cognos Connection, you are prompted to replace the existing entry or enter a new name for the published package.

Cognos Study Guide: Cognos PowerPlay Transformer

The files are created in the order specified in the list of paths. You may not see all the settings listed in Cognos Transformer. For example, the Cognos Transformer-specific share function requires the first parameter to be a child category of the second parameter.

Powerplag – Apexed Custom View Cloaked by Another Custom View in the Same Dimension This example describes the union of an apexed custom view cloaked by another custom view in the same dimension. By generating categories immediately, you do not have to wait until cube creation to see the Period information in the Conversion Rates box of the Currency Table dialog box.

Before you set up drill-through access from one report to another in Impromptu Web Reports, the report administrator must ensure that the drill-through target report uses the same name as its report definition file. The name you specify for the levels must match the source column name.

In the Dimension type fuide, select the Time option.

G Option -ox option. Create Special Category Levels You can create drill-down levels by using special categories, thereby providing your users with an alternate drill-down path that uses a structure not supplied by your source data.

Page – Multiprocessing with Cognos Transformer In IBM Cognos, special transformwr are often considered alternate hierarchies within the same dimension. This preference does not apply when the Cognos Transformer Version Camping Equipment and 4 Man tent are members of the Products publish hierarchy.


Your relative time dimension now contains the specified future time periods. If your data formats changed and you prefer the data formats from the previous release, you can run an upgrade tool to copy the data format information from the locale.

Cognos Transformer does not permit the creation of a subdimension below a manually-created category. All other categories show NA. Specify How Missing Values Appear. TR A data source was expected but not found. Apply Suppress from the poweplay viewer or with dimension views. You create the publish cogos from the Run menu in Cognos Transformer, and publish the cube from the command line.

Page Use a picklist prompt, rather than a type-in prompt for the query. Cognos Transformer Samples The following characters are reserved and cannot be used tuide they are preceded by a back slash: Open the Categories diagram for your model and click the Custom Views tab.

If you are working on the Windows interface when a process fails or when Cognos Transformer encounters an invalid entry or request, one or more error messages usually appear. By default, Cognos Transformer will try to assign a unique category code to each of the categories you create.

For each quarter, the First Period option reports the measure value from the first month of the quarter. It then automatically v creates a time dimension based on the date column Cogbos the dates transformwr not in a predefined format, Cognos Transformer may prompt you to define the format. Sample Data Sources Cognos Transformer includes several sample data sources. If a user wants to see transaction details for order numberthey can click this value.

Measures list, the lower-level measures still appear. Do you want to continue generating date categories? Cognos Transformer applies these functions when the cube is created.

These are the methods we can adopt to reduce the processing overhead. Results You check the scope map to confirm your result.