22 3GB How to use this manual • This manual mainly explains operations using the remote, but the same operations can also be performed using the buttons on . Buy Sony CMT-DXA Micro Hi-Fi System only for Rs. from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On. Cmt-dx Manual English. Sony CMT-DX Manual Online: Playing From Usb Device. You can Also See for CMT-. DX Instruction Stereo System Sony.

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If you are here, it was rather the case. However, you are not the only person having problems with keeping the operation manual of all household devices. Below are few guidelines regarding how and why you should collect the product manuals.

These differ from each other with the amount of information we can find on a given device: Obviously, if a manufacturer considers appropriate to provide us with higher amount of information regarding the device Sony CMT-DXA, then we should read it at least once — right after purchase of a given object.

However, we believe that the manuals should include the most important and needed information about Sony CMT-DXA, not to discourage the user to read. Obviously, if a device Sony CMT-DXA has multiple advanced functions, we will not avoid a high amount of information in this document. Then, it will be much easier to find it than look through the purchase boxes which have already been thrown away by you or any other of household members. It will be enough to clear the drawer once in a year and throw away any manuals of the devices you do not use anymore.

Thus, you can avoid storing any unnecessary documents and keep only those which are valid. First 1 2 Last. T o reduce the risk of fire o r electric shock, do.


T o reduce the risk of firedo not cover the.

SONY CMT-DX HiFi system download user guide for free – 7DD9 |

Do not place the naked flame sources such a s. As the main pl ug is used to disconnect the. Should yo u notice. Do not install the app liance in a confined. Do not expose batteries or a pparat us with. The unit is not di sconnected from the mains. The use of optical instrumen ts with this. Licences and T rademarks. MPEG Layer -3 audio coding technology. W indows Media is ei ther a registered.

This product co ntains technology subject. U se or distribution of this.

All other trademarks and r egistered. This manual ma inly explains operation s. A udio material side on DualDiscs. VR V ideo Recording mode. This product is designed to pla y mamual discs. Recentlyvarious music discs. P lease be aware that amo ng those. Some files may not pla y depending on the.

Sony CMT-DX400A Operating Instructions

Some USB devices may no t work with this. I t may take time to read files in the. Compa tible USB devices. Certif ication -certified USB devices on this.

For mo re informa tion on how to u se a USB. Preparing the r emote. Insert the two R6 size AA batt eries. Ho weversince the audio ma terial side does. Note on playback opera tions of a DVD. Some playback operatio ns for a DVD m ay be. S ince this system plays a D VD. The playback pictur e and sound may be. Y our sys tem has a region code print ed on the.

VIDEO playback only la beled with an. Y ou ca n play only 1st sessio n of a. Playable F ile T ypes. File forma t Extensions. A V C is not supported. PRO forma ts are not s upported. Find a location a nd orientatio n that pro vide. Keep the an tennas awa y from the speaker. Connect the video input jack o f the T V or. Connect the componen t video input jacks o f. If yo ur T V accepts pr ogressive. Connect an optional a udio componen t. Insert only the stripped portion of the co rds.


Connect the power cord to a wall ou tlet. If the sup plied adaptor o n the plug does not.

Attaching the speak er pads. A ttach the supplied speaker pads a t each. Connecting your T V.

Connect the video input jack o f your TV to. Connect the T V and the video deck using. V ideo deck U nit. Do not connect directly. If you co nnect a video deck between t his.

Change cmt-sx400a colo r system if necessary from. The factor y default of the co lor. Playback starts au tomatically if a disc. The setup men u appears. T ype], then press. The display o n the T V screen may be. Press to t urn on or off the system.

Press to select a pr eset station. Press to t une to a desired station. Press to select a track, file or cha pter.

Press to find a poin t in a track, file or. Press to t urn on or off the DSGX effect. T urn to adjust the vo lume. Press to start or re-start playback r esume.

Press to pa use playback. Press to s top and remem ber the stop. T o re-start playback fro m the resume. Press to ca ncel the auto matic tuning fo r a. U sed for connecting a USB device. Press to o cmt-dx400z or close the disc tray. U sed for connecting the headpho nes. U sed for connecting a micro phone. Press to select an a udio signal format when. Press to select the FM receptio n mode. Press to im pro ve the AM reception when an.

AM program has s tatic noise. Press to select a sub title language when. Press to swi tch to other viewing camera. Press to o pen the DVD top men u. Press to o pen or cmt-dx4000a the DVD menu.