The enclosed software program and this manual are copyrighted. All rights are .. In Might and Magic: Clouds of Xeen, you (the player) will be represented by. and Magic Series > Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen more with same name mm4-back mm4-manual PDF mm4-refcard PDF mm4-map mm4-disk mm I’ve tried using the PDF page number, as well as the manual page numbers, . Magic VI Limited Edition\Might and Magic – World of Xeen.

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The higher the skill, the better your chance of success. Group Stimulates the pain centers of your opponent’s brains, inflicting 8 points of physical damage. Gives a list of the awards your character has accumulated.

Party This spell allows you to magically return to a place you have already been.

Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen download

A lamar’s army is unable to pass the final seal. Might also is used to break down doors and lift or destroy certain ob- jects. It’s up to you. After a few failures I started counting; I hit 20, and came here for help. The upper left is for fire, the upper right is for electricity, the janual left is for cold, and the bottom right is for poison.

Might and Magic Clouds Of Xeen Sealed Unopened Book manual | eBay

Scouts report that the rebel army is both growing in number and advancing toward the royal pyramid. World of Xeen Page 51 Revitalize Cost: You must equip an item before it will work. Group Coats a group of monsters with a poison specially designed deen kill insects. A character’s spell points are partly determined by one of their statistics: Report item – opens in a new window or tab.


Intellect, Accuracy The Archer is as good a fighter as the Paladin. Group Puts a group of monsters to sleep until they overcome the spell or are damaged. Now available for purchase Friend invite accepted. The two arrow buttons scroll through the list of available portraits. Page 6 Log of the Dragon Pharaoh Log entry: All Visible Monsters Includes all monsters in front of the party in a massive explosion, inflicting points of Physical damage on each monster.

Shows your current experience points and the number of experience points your charac- ter will need for the next level. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. On the bright side, the Cleric can use splint mail armor or lighter and has twice as many spell points available for casting Cleric spells as the Paladin.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The gargoyle on the right side of the screen waves its arm when you are in cloues of a thin wall and have the Spot Mqnual Doors skill.

Shows how much gold your party has on hand and how much it has in the bank.

Watch list is full. You can’t chat with this user because you have blocked him. Scraps of flesh clung to his grinning skull, and his one remaining eye glared at me.

Page 56 Fantastic Freeze Cost: Half-Ores make excellent Knights and Bar- barians, but they are the worst spell casters and Robbers. The Tavern is the xedn you go to when you want to rearrange your party, create new characters, get rumors and advice, and buy food. Party Puts enough strength into the legs of the party to jump over one square, provided there are no walls of matter or magic.


This lets you c,ouds Mr.

Party Shows the location of all the monsters near the party. Your cart is empty. Page 58 Light Cost: Once you have checked in, select C reate a character to get to the character creation screen.

Posted October 16, Readies a weapon, item, or armor for use. Each one of you realized that you may be the only person left alive who received the message. If they look sick, they probably are poisoned or diseased. Hit points represent how much xefn damage a character can deen before falling unconscious. He must have taken it from Queen Kalindra. The arrows do 10 points of Poison xfen each. With that, the dream ends.

These characters have all the equipment and abilities necessary to begin the game, and are just fine to use if you don’t want to create your own characters.

Gives a list of the skills your character has accumulated. Turns the music on and off. I refused, of course. This spell may succeed in areas where the teleport spell fails. As your character grows older, some of his statistics will decline.

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