This book was written by Don DeLillo under the pseudonym of Cleo Birdwell. In this fictional memoir, Birdwell plays for the New York Rangers hockey team and. Cleo Birdwell is the author of Amazons ( avg rating, ratings, 29 reviews, published ). Amazons. A ‘memoir’ by ‘Cleo Birdwell’. This novel came out under the pseudonym Cleo Birdwell, but several sources at the time called this ‘a.

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She is not playing hockey, and she is not happy. Being a DeLillo and an NHL fan I was looking forward to reading the book, however it was so ludicrously over the top that I had to laugh and decided that there just wasn’t enough time for me to be bothered with finishing this drivel. His next book, The Nameswould begin to elevate DeLillo’s standing to new heights. Either way, it is a term I associate with people who have enough money to be happily obese, out birdewll shape, and generally wasted, jowly, and dissipated, out drinking and screwing every night, but who have resolved to be fit and trim out of a deep sense of duty.

While Delillo has famously never acknowledged the novel as his own there is nothing here to be ashamed of. Also, here’s a cool article about Amazons by an author named Victoria Patterson, who wrote her own contemporary female-led fictitious sports memoir and her relationship to Delillo’s book: Two years ago, give or take, I decided to become a hockey fan. My own feeling is that Delillo is at his best when he’s just having fun and being funny, both of which amazos doing here.

Retrieved from ” https: Thanks for this thoughtful discussion of Amazons. You might wonder who an avowed sports cipher I try to watch sports, it’s just Press Esc to cancel. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

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Amazons: An Intimate Memoir By The First Woman To Play In The National Hockey League

Jun 05, Matt added it. Cleo’s sexual encounter with a drunkenly passed out man who she has to drag from the Monopoly board to her room on a rug had me turned on with a laugh plastered on my face. We used to have rock fights at point-blank range in empty lots.


No other pastime is simultaneously as diligent about its facts, as blindly invested in its legends, or as resistant to new kinds of stories. Was Amazons a new story? All our weapons came from cars, except for rocks.

They go even further by demanding wmazons Cleo wear a veil the next season.

Backhand Shots: Women, Hockey, Narrative – Avidly

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. While the book is widely known to have been written by DeLillo, and is technically his seventh novel, it has never been reprinted and he has never officially acknowledged writing it. Furthermore, there’s much to be said too much to get into here about how masculinist the supposed female viewpoint here tends to be.

Murray Jay is thinking about quitting sportswriting birrwell of his new obsession, a story guaranteed to blow the lid off, as old newspaperman might say: Cleo also has quite a few amorous adventures; I like one in which her lover gets turned birdwsll by her descriptions of an old fashioned Christmas in her hometown in Ohio.

Characters were a little unbelievable, but that is typical Don DeLillo – you just have to have a suspension of disbelief. AmazonsI soon realized, is the secret every remotely-bookish hockey fan already knows. The Arabs become birdsell bad guys, while all the men who watch her, trade her, buy her, sell her, fuck her, punch her, and treat her as a trash can for their All — North American anxieties get off scot-free. Wallace was a huge fan of DeLillo and the two corresponded by mail.

I love the object, which is a Don DeLillo novel. Customers who bought this item also bought.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Howlingly, fall off your amzzons funny; beautiful sentences; postmodern riffs on advertising culture, second wave feminism, professional sports, and birwell To these men, all female athletes are Cleo Birdwell — novelty acts and one-offs, good for close-ups, but not worth sustained interest or investment.


Sadly, he’s c,eo with a hazy, hard to cure ailment called Jumping Frenchman Disease. Preview — Amazons by Cleo Birdwell. A character in this book, Murray Jay Siskind here a sportswriterturns up later in White Noise as a “visiting lecturer on living icons. It’s fast and loose and kooky and a lot of fun. Amazons reminds us that professional sports rely on narratives, and that narratives are constructed truths. It is somewhat embarrassing for an academic to care deeply about a professional sport, particularly one that is blindingly white, carries all the weight of male privilege and sexual transgression, and frequently results in brain damage.

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I guess it’s not for me as a dude to declare that another dude did a really good job writing a woman who is both sexually active but also dignified, so I’ll leave that for my lady friends who might want to give this a try and decide for themselves. This was on Gary Wyshinski’s list of MUST hockey reads for summer but after tracking it down from a book seller in France I have to say that it was a huge disappointment.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

DeLillo wrote at least part of this novel during his early days in Greece. Ripatrazone was also the only writer who mentioned Manon Rheaume, the very real French-Canadian goaltender who birdwelll two exhibition games with the Tampa Bay Lightning in Jul 12, Downward rated it really liked it.

A little-known and out-of-print novel written pseudonymously by Don DeLillo.