Citi Mortgage has time frames automatically set up for letter of authorizations to expire. This is currently set at 6 Months but if a homeowner so chooses to they. Workable SolutionsSM Financial Form. 1 of 1 rev 02/20/ CitiMortgage, Inc. does business as Citicorp Mortgage in MT and NM. LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION. Dear CitiMortgage Customer(s): In order for CitiMortgage, Inc. to discuss your mortgage loan with a third party, we must obtain a letter of authorization form.

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She said that it was not their job and that they were not authoriztion too. My home is for sale, and was prior to Hurricane Wilma. Never, never, never, never make any payment in advance of the regular auuthorization schedule. Any help is appreciated. The attorney general of NY is investigating Citi Corp and other banks for high lending fees. Even if you apply for and get approved for a new loan they will still sell it in the next year. They mailed my first claim check to Pittsburgh last week to an address I have no clue of and nobody knows why this address was put on my account.

Top Reviews and Complaints about CitiMortgage

I just found out with only 10 days notice that they have sold my loan to Citimorthage Mtg. I came home from work one day less than a month after making my first payment on the remodification loan to find a eviction notice on my door and that my home had been sold at auction.


The calls will not stop and come all weekend, all hours of the day. See it all depends on when they project payment and when they actually pay it. Husband got sick, denied disability insurance because we were late!!! A link has directed you to this review.

I have spent probably 12 hours talking to various supervisors at Customer Service. I have been affected by hurricane Katrina. Has anybody started a class action suit yet?

It took them an additional seven days to post it to my account and now want to charge me a late fee. I could not get the loan officer to respond to any emails or phone calls at all.

I have asked 4 times within the last year to cancel my escrow account to no avail…always some excuse! I called CitiMortgage on August 28th but they refused to give me any information because I was not an authorized user.

Our credit was completely autnorization over this house- no over Citi.


At this point I feel like that is exactly what they want, to foreclose on a property that should’ve been paid off in June. But apparently not beyond them. Another Principle Mortgage refuge here. At age 67 I applied for Social Authorizaation and applied to CitiMortgage for a loan modification to reduce my payments. The only reason I eventually figured it out is because they sent me a letter telling me that they did not draft my payment. Can you see where I had a problem? Here is my latest problem.

  HAMEG HM 203-7 PDF

CitiMortgage Frustrations :

I called back, but they still had no information. If this was a cell phone or cable carrier, I would be long gone. The problem started when I was never notified by Principal Residential or CitiMortgage that my loan had been sold. Denied it after two month then tell me I did not qualify. We owe even more. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. However, they want to fill out a series of forms in order to prolong the period in which a very wealthy company like Citi can continue to hold authotization to the money of a customer.

Anyone found a place to aythorization or a person to call for help? Always kept us informed as to where we were in the process and the timeline for citimorggage rest.

I thought the Loan Specialist was there to help me. A little scared here — my mortgage servicer just sold their mortgage dept. Their own data contradicts itself. I had already made my July payment to First Horizon confirmation I haven’t been able to get it straight. I dont want to lose my dream home because of this bank and i hope that something is done about this. If I want to press action against them, do I contact my lawyer.

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