Dungeon Crawl Classics 61*OP: Citadel of the Corruptor [Goodman Games] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a world of arcane magic. In a world of arcane magic and divine might, some secrets are best left hidden. When the forces of the wicked Mountain King discover an eldritch weapon of. Oct 10, Citadel of the Corruptor | Book cover and interior art for Dungeon Crawl Classics and Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game – DCC.

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Description Description An Adventure for Character Levels In a world of arcane magic and divine might, some secrets are best left hidden. A couple of pieces are oddly placed relative to the part of the adventure they present, but overall they corruotor a good job of presenting what’s going on in the adventure, including a two illustrations that are full-blown player handouts. Add tags Tags separate by space: In fact, this seems to be part of a general editorial decision to stick to the facts of the immediate situation as much as possible, without so much as a cross-reference to help.

Add a copy to your collection. All of the read aloud text for a section is placed at the start of the section, which leaves elements dangling without sufficient context thhe the reader delves further into the section. Please select a support frequency.

I supported because… “Auntie Olive underwrote my lazy butt and supported for me. This is more of a nuisance than a problem when first going through the adventure, but if a key bit of information doesn’t stick in the DM’s mind, it could cause a lot of confusion and delay when playing.

The best ones are above average, though, and offer a range of tactics, even if one of the better ones is lacking a deserved leader tag in its header, and another notable is relegated to the role of wandering monster. At least DMs are advised to ham up his thhe in best 70s comic book villain style.


There are three other important elements described, but one of them is written as if the DM should know it is talking about an item that was introduced in a throwaway line in an earlier piece of read-aloud text. The layout and print design is typical of the DCC line, which cittadel to say that the typography is professional and solid, although the stat blocks could do with a little rethinking.

Occasionally, Pommier reaches for a flourish that feels a bit forced and out of line with the rest of the writing. Following in the wake of bloody, madness-induced slaughter, can the heroes prevail where an army has perished?

Also, it can easily be adapted to a DM’s own ongoing plots. Trivial skill checks are usually a waste of time, and when they aren’t they may screw over the players or, worse, bring the game to a grinding halt. Unfortunately, the read-aloud sections, featuring descriptions on areas and events, are a bit creaky. For my money, a better approach would be throwing the situation in their faces, forcing them to act rather than just camp out.

The Situation This time, the heroes are drawn to the Ul-Dominor mountains, where they find Fort Frostbite depending on the story hook used, they can find it accidentally or intentionally.

DCC # Citadel of the Corruptor | RPG Item | RPGGeek

If you want characters to have or to see something, just let them find it or see it; you can still say it is barely visible, or something the PCs notice out of the corner of their eye. I also thought the decision to make operating a load-bearing crane an Arcana skill check a bit odd.


While the fight itself offers an intriguing twist, it is set in a storage room, and there is almost no build up.

I’m not sure the plot is grabby enough as written if keeping the players “on track” requires the techniques described in the text. Goblin Grapple Silver Gaming Co. This leads to some slightly awkward, slightly humorous bits corruuptor monsters that barely have their serial numbers filed off – the Knightly Ghost rather than Phantom Warrior, and a Dire Wolf that is legally distinguishable for being Famished.

Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes.

– Reviews – DCC Citadel of the Corruptor

None of the monsters presented here are citadrl breathtaking or innovative. The DCC format does not leave room for a more “exploreable” environment, of course, so a certain amount of linearity is to be expected. Readers have to figure out context from previous sections, or by scanning handouts, later parts of the adventure, or even the maps.

Also, if you buy DCC products as PDFs, intending to print them out, this background will be an ink hog, even in a book citafel short.

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Dungeon Crawl Classics #61: Citadel of the Corruptor – PDF

Follow the complete Mountain King adventure path! The final encounter is a bit of an anticlimax, unfortunately. In addition to the main description, there are two event descriptions that are presented out of sequence relative to how they will likely happen.