A flowchart showing all the stages of a China International Economic and Trade Commission (CIETAC) arbitration, based on the CIETAC Arbitration Rules CIETAC Arbitration Rules · CIETAC Arbitration Rules · CIETAC Arbitration Rules (These rules entered into force on 1 January ). The Arbitration Rules of the Arbitration Commission [hereafter, the “Arbitration Rules”], which took effect on 1 May, , apply to this case.

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A party having justified reasons may request a postponement of the oral hearing.

CIETAC arbitration (2005 Rules): flowchart

From 40, to , The Arbitral Tribunal finds that there are literally only statements without any facts and proof relating cieyac issue that the [Seller] hid the real facts and committed fraud. Where a case is to be dismissed prior to the formation of the arbitral tribunal, the President of the Arbitration Court shall make a decision on the dismissal.

To reduce the price according to the extent of the defect and damage of the goods and the loss of the [Buyer]; b. The Arbitral Tribunal has now made its award.

The periods of time specified in these Cieta shall begin on the day following the day when the party receives or should have received the arbitration correspondence, cietaf or written materials sent by the Arbitration Court. However, the explosion caused the [Buyer] to incur severe economic loss including direct loss of 26 tons of heat transfer oil and other direct economic loss of RMB 1,, and also caused the [Buyer]’s stoppage of operation for about half a year and indirect economic loss of RMB 10, Article 76 Nomination or Appointment of Arbitrator.

The [Buyer] got full knowledge of the goods through these methods. Icetac this purpose the parties stipulated the specifications of the furnace such as the temperature of exit should be F, etc. If the buyer fails to notify within a reasonable period or fails to notify within two years, commencing on the date when it received the subject matter, the rulse or quality of the subject matter is deemed to comply with the contract, except that if there is a 20055 period in respect of the subject matter, the warranty period applies and supersedes such two-year period.


The [Seller] performed his obligation of delivery on 28 January In addition, the [Buyer] failed to request the inspection agency as stipulated in the Contract to inspect the furnace and determine whether it had quality defects. There are seven working days and the date can be negotiated.

CIETAC arbitration ( Rules): flowchart | Practical Law

During the arbitral proceedings, a party wishing to join an additional party to the arbitration may file the Request for Joinder with CIETAC, based fules the arbitration agreement invoked in the arbitration that prima facie binds the additional party. A revised deadline to decide the case was approved by the Arbitration Commission and set at 17 October The [Seller] performed its obligations completely. The [Buyer]’s purpose of the Contract could not ruules fulfilled; therefore, the [Seller] fundamentally breached the Contract.

It has sub-commissions or arbitration centers Appendix I.

Article 32 Challenge to Arbitrator. Where a case is examined by way of an oral hearing, the evidence shall be produced at the oral hearing and may be examined by the parties.

During the performance of the Contract, the parties also partially performed the Technology Agreement, such as testing and adjusting the furnace, etc. The registration fee is not refundable. This fee schedule applies to arbitration cases accepted under Item a and bParagraph 2 of Article 3 of the Arbitration Rules.


Urles a case is to be dismissed after the formation of the arbitral tribunal, the arbitral tribunal shall make the decision. In the event that the Claimant withdraws its claim in its entirety, the arbitral tribunal may proceed with its examination of the counterclaim and render an arbitral award thereon. Article 36 Place of Oral Hearing. The arbitration clause in Contract No. FromtoSecond, Xinjiang Bureau violated the basic principle of international trade, and did not consider CIF terms or international trade customs, and mistakenly determined that the furnace had not been transferred.

CIETAC Arbitration Rules | Practical Law

Where the party applies for preservation of property or protection of evidence, it shall also provide additional copies accordingly. The memorandum is one part of the contract. The Arbitration Tribunal held that the corresponding definition provided in the CISG for this request was “to declare the contract avoided” in Article 49, which provides that the buyer may declare the contract avoided “if the failure by the seller to perform any of his obligations under the contract or this Convention amounts to a fundamental breach of contract.

For a case examined by way of an oral hearing, after the arbitral tribunal has fixed a date for the ciietac oral hearing, the parties shall be notified of the date at least fifteen 15 days in advance of the oral hearing.

The validity of an arbitration clause or an arbitration agreement shall not be affected by any modification, cancellation, termination, transfer, expiry, invalidity, cieta, rescission or non-existence of the contract.

The Heat transfer oil furnace was purchased for the lighter hydrocarbon factory.