Veja grátis o arquivo Livro Ciência endodôntica – Carlos Estrela, 1ed (11 capitulo – Hipoclorito de sódio) enviado para a disciplina de Endodontia Categoria. Ciencia endodóntica. Front Cover. Carlos Estrela. Artes Médicas, – Medical – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Ciencia endodóntica. Ciencia endodontica / Endodontic Science (Hardback) by Carlos Estrela and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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Man- dibular Premolar with Two Roots.

The morpho- logy of the prepared root canal: In vitro antimicrobial activity of several concentrations of sodium hypo- chlorite and enddodontica gluconate in the elimi- nation of Enterococcus faecalis.

Root complex and root canal system: Report of a Case.

Ciencia endodontica / Endodontic Science

Scand J Dent Res ; Histological and histochemical study of the influence of lipopo- endidontica extracted from Fusobacterium nucleatum on the periapical tissues in the monkey Macaca fas- cicularis. Braz Dent J ; 14 in press. The effects of surgical exposures of dental pulps in germ-free and conventional laboratory rats.


A unique appro- ach to the treatment of a tooth with dens invagina- tus. Taurodontia in Deciduous First Mo- lars. Scand J Dent Res ; Studies on lipopolysaccharides from oral Gram-negative anaerobic bacteria in relation to apical periodontitis.

J Endod ; 7: Braz Dent J ; Assessing pre-procedural subgingival irrigation and rinsing with antiseptic mouthrinse to reduce bacteremia. Microscope measurements on root canal preparations following instrumentation. In vitro infection and desinfection of dentinal tubules. Adhesive colonization of biomaterials and antibio- tic resistance.

Livro Ciência endodôntica – Carlos Estrela, 1ed (8 capitulo – Controle de infecção em endodontia)

The relationship of the apical foramen to the anatomic apex of the tooth. The effect of different files on the preparation shape of severely curved canals. In Vitro analysis of the desmineralizing effect of some endo- dontic irrigants. Br Med J ; 2: A comparation of ca- nal preparation with nickel-titanium and stainless steel instruments. Mechani- cal stirring of smear. Rev Ass Bras Odontol Estre,a ; 8: Rev Bras Caros tol ; Ingle JI, Levine M.

A scanning electron microscopic study of debris and smear layer remai- ning following use cienia GT rotary instruments. Braz Endod J ; 3: Apical canal diameter in the first upper molar at various ages.


Ciencia endodontica / Endodontic Science : Carlos Estrela :

Rev Ass Paul Cir Dent ; Rev Bras Odontol ; J En- dod ; Faculda- de de Odontologia da Universidade Endodontics de Pe- lotas; Braz Dent J ; Principles and practices of en- dodontics. Factors affecting the stability of sodium hypochlorite solutions used to disinfect dental impressions.

Patogenic mecanisms in pulpal di- sease. Aberrant Salivary Gland Defect in the Mandible: Rev Paul Cirur Dent ; Mandibular Molar with 5 Canals: Imura N, Zuolo ML. Endod Dent Traumatol ; 1: Braz Dent J ; J Endod ; 8: Rev Bras Odontol ; Effect of ultra- sonic vibration endodonticx post removal in extracted hu- man premolar teeth.

En- dod Dent Traumatol ; 3: WB Saunders Com- pany. J Am Dent Assoc ; Two methods to evaluate the antimicrobial action of calcium hydroxide paste.

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