CIA, KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual KUBARK–a CIA codename for itself–describes the qualifications of a successful. PDF | A careful reading of the KUBARK manual is essential for anyone involved in Anticipating modern-day interrogation guides such as CIA’s “KUBARK. Major documents in the history of American intelligence interrogation are included in this unique ebook compilation, including two famous manuals, the CIA.

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School of Americas training manual titles [1]. His money and other possessions have for him a personalized quality; they are parts of himself. Some texts even discuss the interrogator’s ica and grooming, and one prescribed the traits considered desirable in his secretary.

Creating a sense of unfamiliarity, disorientation and isolation seems to be the hallmarks of psychologically undermining a detainee in the purview of the KUBARK manual. The document was given the codename KUBARK and for decades it served as the standard for legally gray or black interrogation techniques, many of which emerged when the press reported on human rights violations by the U.

The CIA wrote a torture manual more than 50 years ago, and then gave it to Latin American dictators

It used electrical currents to inflict pain [source: If it is then established or strongly suspected that the agent belongs to one of the following categories, further investigation and, eventually, interrogation usually follow. The manuals in question have been kubwrk to by various media sources as the “torture manuals”.

General Remarks B. If an interrogatee lies persistently, an interrogator may report and dismiss him as a “pathological liar.

The CIA’s 1963 Torture Manual In Its Entirety, Part I

Admissions of complicity are not, to a CI service, ends in themselves but merely preludes to the acquisition of more information. At best it can help readers to avoid the characteristic mistakes of poor interrogators.

Moreover, emotional-psychological schematizations sometimes present atypical extremes rather than the kinds of people commonly encountered by interrogators. They are also stubborn, although they may pretend cooperation or even believe that they are cooperating.

ODENVY has requested that it be informed, in advance if time permits, if any investigative steps are undertaken in these cases. These manuals were prepared by the U. Such typologies also cause disagreement even among professional psychiatrists and psychologists. According to a declassified report prepared for the Senate intelligence committee, the manual was developed from notes of a CIA interrogation course in Honduras.


After this investigation, the Department of Defense discontinued the use of the manuals, directed their recovery to the extent practicable, and destroyed the copies in the field. A newer book, largely a revision of the KUBARK manual, draws the same foundational conclusion — that psychological torment is paramount to physical abuse.

The manual gives the suggestion that prisoners be deprived of sleep and food, and made to maintain rigid positions, such as standing at attention for long periods.

The number of systems devised for categorizing human beings is large, and most of them are of dubious validity. The interrogation situation is intensely inter-personal; it is therefore all the more necessary to strike a counter-balance by an attitude which the subject clearly recognizes as essentially fair and objective.

Instead, the manuals provide detailed techniques for infiltrating social movements, interrogating suspects, surveillance, maintaining military secrecy, recruiting and retaining spies, and controlling the population. If he has kubxrk severe frustrations in later childhood, he may be petulant, vengeful, and constantly demanding.

The kanual advise that torture techniques can backfire and that the threat of pain is often more effective than pain itself. The CI interrogator dealing with an uncooperative interrogatee who has been well-briefed by a hostile service on the legal restrictions under which ODYOKE services operate must expect some effective delaying tactics.

The Interrogation Plan C. Since KUBARK employees cannot be witnesses in court, each investigation must be conducted in such a manner that evidence obtained may be properly introduced if the case comes to trial. So, too, are using hypnosis and drugs to extract information.

For example, kubqrk [approx. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April The Baltimore Sun reported that former Battalion member Jose Barrera said he was taught interrogation methods by U. The Conclusion C. The Baltimore Sun ]. The Latin America Working Group criticized this: The legality ca detaining and questioning a person, and of the methods employed, [approx.


Military Training and Political Violence in the Americas. The threat to inflict pain, for example, can trigger fears more damaging than kibark immediate sensation of pain. Another preliminary comment about the interrogator is mannual normally he should not personalize.

mubark The consensus of research is that with respect to many kinds of judgments, at least some judges perform reliably better than chance We aim to maintain an inviting space to focus on intelligent interactions and debates.

But at the outset of the interrogation, and perhaps for a long time afterwards, the person being questioned is not greatly oubark with communicating his body of specialized information to his questioner; he is concerned with putting his best foot forward. Moral considerations aside, the imposition of external techniques of manipulating people carries with it the grave risk of later lawsuits, adverse publicity, or other attempts to strike back.

The search of the pertinent scientific literature disclosed no reports of studies based on common denominator traits of successful interrogators or any other controlled inquiries cua would invest these lists with any objective validity. The choice of methods depends in part upon the answer to this question.

A Vietnamese paratrooper threatens a suspected Viet Cong soldier with a bayonet during an interrogation in Ines Consuelo Murillo, who spent 78 days in Battalion ‘s secret jails insaid she was given no food or water for days, and one of her captors entered her room every 10 minutes and poured water over her head to keep her from sleeping.

But it is important to assuage the fear of denigration which afflicts many people when first interrogated by making it clear that the individuality of the interrogatee is recognized. This site contains copyrighted material the lubark of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

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