You can help D&D Wiki by better balancing the mechanics of this page. When the As a Chronomancer you gain the following class features. Hit Points. A lot of spells are already in the Player’s Handbook or Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, others are mostly from the D&D homebrew wiki, but. Post with votes and views. Tagged with dnd5e, dndhomebrew; Shared by Dicelord. Chronomancer for Dnd 5e.

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Some features may look familiar, as cheonomancer are based off current ones for monks, wizards, sorcerers and clerics as well as the Middle Finger of Vecna homebrew chronomancer wizard path.

At 8th level, Your reflexes become faster making you gain 1 free action, you may use this action to attackdashdisengage actionsor cast an instantaneous spell. The resources used to heal the target are entirely wasted. Even content under public domain or that you made yourself must be cited, since the moderators can’t otherwise know their source in advance.

A fighter can gain one action once per short rest. Then from Ageless Linguistics, 2 more languages. As a reaction Kronos can grant free resurrection to an ally aside from his summoner and move them to a safe location within range of him. Pay-what-you-want content is allowed, but must be posted as a link in a text post or in the comments.

The creature must still be touched, and it receives a Wisdom save if unwilling, to avoid the effect. Externally, it’s practically impossible to tell them apart—a fact which allows them to blend in with humans, and remain unknown throughout the centuries.

Where humans are a short-lived race, the chronomancers can seemingly bend time to outlive even the elves, and additionally have duplicates of vital organs such as the heart. Rolls off chronokancer tongue better.

A moment-to-moment pre-image of their impending actions are visible to you even as they move to enact them. Then why so soon do you gain proficiency in all languages? Chronomancef, things will not work out as neatly as the caster might hope. A greater hit die means a greater expectation of being hit more often.


As written, it gives a target a single saving throw against an effect that would last for a full minute with no indication as to whether they can repeat the save. When Lifeline Ping is cast, the caster establishes a temporary link to the subject’s lifeline. The material component for this spell is the tooth of f&d gorilla or carnivorous ape. As soon as your next turn begins, you take damage equal to the damage of the previous attack. I can send you a message once that happens, and I will also be editing and updating the comments above with hyperlinks to each spell chronomancfr gets approved as they come in.

Preserve is dispelled when the container is unsealed. And this comes online at levels later than other class’ typical boosts to damage. I recommend getting rid of Wheel of Time completely and coming up with something else. As a bonus actionyou may expend 1 fate point chrlnomancer move forward the wheel of time. Otherwise, the target gets Disadvantage on all attacks made chronomnacer you until the Cantrip ends.

The target must succeed chronomanecr Wisdom saving throw against your spell DC or it’s speed is halved and has disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws for 1 minute.

The chronomancers were at war against a surviving colony of illithids. I do not understand what this ability does at all. For every point by which the caster succeeds their own check, assign a -1 penalty to the target’s roll up to a max of Let me know if its experiencing errors and won’t load chrnomancer downloaded. Would there be better levels to grant the additional effects at? Rewind is essentially a version of the Wizard’s Arcane Recovery.

Chronomancers are also blessed with an incredible intellect. I would add that you cannot use the action gained from Surge to use Surge again. DM discretion as to what items chronomahcer affected metals. It obeys any verbal commands that you issue to it no action required by you.

Only your position changes. Anyway, please find the Chronomancer class below on Google Drive: It can not use this on its following turn. As the caster concentrates, their left eye begins to witness time in reverse, seeing further and further into the past. However balance chronomaancer, makes total sense that it’s a bit ridiculous.


The only one that isn’t OP that I can see is Bonesword, but I’d still drop the “vs good” trope from the necromatic spell and just make it an additional 2d6 against the living. At 4th level, your quick thinking and agility allow you to move and act quickly, you can take a bonus action on each of your turns in combat.

After you use this feature you suffer three levels of exhaustion. Home of user-generated, homebrew pages!

Chronomancer for Dnd 5e.

If successful, they break free of the effect, though the spell continues to d&&d all other victims. You must finish a short or long rest to use this feature again. If you do not understand balance please leave comments on this page’s talk page before making any edits.

This spell is cast, taking about 1 minute to complete 10 minutes if cast as an unprepared ritual. A 3rd level slot orb causes the victim to Wis save or be Slowed for 1d4 rounds As per standard spell.

DnD 5e Homebrew — Chronomancer class by Zst0rm

Nails and teeth become sharper and usable as weapons. Beings wearing any ferrous armor find that while under the effects of this spell they cannot move – caged by their own apparel. This spell delays the time normally spent each round recovering chroonomancer the effects of spellcasting.

This page is of questionable balance. A creature ages chronomncer to one month per caster level. When the grammar has been changed so that this template is no longer applicable please remove this template.