Christopher Cattan Geomancy Introduction to Astrological Geomancy The 16 Geomantic Figures Asking the Question & Generating the Mothers The Geomantic. The Geomancie of Maister Christopher Cattan Gentleman – Free download AMORC Cosmic Geomancy as Used by the Veiled Prophets PDF. Christopher Cattan, The Geomancy of Master Cattan Marsillio Ficino, Three Books on Life Robert Fludd, De Geomantia Islamic folk magic & commerce.

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My thought was that if each letter can geomanc associated with an element, planet, and zodiac sign, and each of those symbols can be associated with a letter a la qabbalahthen it christophed work that we can give letters to the figures based on their stoicheiometric associations. Company by Air same Air line shows that both parents are thinking and saying the same things about the situation. Views Read Edit View history.

Christopher Cattan – Wikipedia

Ah, and one final thing, just to finish off the intro to the post regarding the Sum of the Chart. In these cases, we have company simple. This would have geomanccy company demi-simple in the original rules of company given by Caytan, but here, we can say that the inner drive of the significator and their allies are the same, though their external expression is different but aimed at the same overall goal.

Take the total number of single points and subtract 12; if the result is more than 12, subtract 12 again, and repeat until you have a number less than So, if we were to reconsider the rule of company in terms of triads and the Shield Chart instead of houses in the House Chart, we might come cattzn with a slightly different way to interpret the rule of company that might yield more interesting results.


Not mentioned in Heydon, nor do Fludd or Cattzn say how one gets a syllable based on a single figure. This is a collection of studies and essays on the development of mathematics and science; this xhristopher, specifically, deals with the development of such in the near East, Greece, and medieval Latin periods of the Mediterranean. Ascendant or Midheaven or physical objects e. Cattan himself was the soldier and servant of Lord Thais.

Christopher Cattan

I have made one change in the system as Agrippa gives it; he assigned Laetitia to Air and Rubeus to Fire, but I have reversed these in order to catttan the inner element and the elemental structure into harmony. Draw out the four Mothers, then the Daughters, Nieces, and Court.

Use the inner element system to understand the rulerships of the figures. So, to recap, we have four sets of rules of company: The best known were those of the Italian Christopher Cattanthe French translation of Cornelius Agrippa, and the indigenous works of De la Taille and De la Tayssonniere caytan Company demi-simple between the parents indicates that the matter will have support and interaction from many sides in many ways, yet not too different as to cause conflict.

What about scripts with an odd number of letters? Utriusque Cosmi maioris scilicet et minoris metaphysica, physica, atque technica historia volume 1.

Label the terminals for the Via Puncti with the elemental glyphs above the Mothers and Daughters, where possible. The first of these simply uses the elements that correspond to the Zodiacal signs just given. If the Part of Fortune and Part of Spirit are both in house Christpoherthen the matter is catran in the hands of the querent.


But if any one will constitute these triplicities according to the nature of the Planets, and Figures themselves, let him observe this Rule, that Fortuna majorRubeusChristophfrand Amissio doe make the fiery triplicity: The Dragons head and taile are thus divided, the head to Capricorneand the Dragons taile adhereth to Scorpio ; and from hence you may easily obtaine the triplicities of these signs after the manner of the triplicities of the signes of the Zodiak: However, the other types of company give us a bit more interesting stuff to chew on:.

Full text original page views at Internet Archive. Company simple is formed when both houses have the same figure. The mathematics behind this relationship can be described like this: This would then put the rule of company as a Shield Chart rule more than a House Chart rule.

The which if the figure and house be good for both the one and the other must be looked upon you shall judge good, and if it be evil ye shall also judge evil; and so likewise shall ye do of all the other figures.

However, the excellent Dr. And these are the infallible comparisons of the Figures, and from these wee may easily discerne the equality of their signes; therefore the greater and lesser Fortunes have the signes of Leowhich is the House of the Sun: Download it when you can!

The issue of determining names themselves poses problems:

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