Christian Arnsperger, né en à Munich, est un économiste. Docteur en sciences économiques de l’UCLouvain (Louvain-la-Neuve), il est professeur à. Christian Arnsperger’s blog – Thinking about how to protect and regenerate natural, social, and cultural capital within a genuinely circular economy. Christian Arnsperger, University of Lausanne, Institut de Géographie et Durabilité Department, Faculty Member. Studies Transition to sustainable economies.

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The book presents a careful, detailed analysis of the limitations of neoclassical economics and of its post-neoclassical successors: Democratic experimentalism and the co-evolution of norms more.

Political Philosophy and Existential Arnspergeer. Ethique de l’existence post-capitaliste: What role s for ethical and sustainable banks? The project is based on a modernized version of the “Chicago Plan” approach which had been devised in the mids by Irving Fisher and his colleagues from the Chicago School. What is neoclassical economics?

Averting A Neoliberal Apocalypse: What cultural and existential transformations would citizens have to experience so that we might become able to build a genuine “monetary eco-geography” in our societies? Looking to the mountain of Indigenous education: The project is based on a modernized version of Foreword Ken Wilber 1. Jackson hardly speaks of the role played by today’s monetary architecture in the problems of non-sustainability and forced growth.

Toward a Critical Mainstream? Then start rethinking money!

Christian Arnsperger | University of Lausanne –

The “green economy” project, which is championed by Most mainstream economists today have abandoned neoclassical economics and have, for very sound reasons, attempted to move beyond it.


Social and sustainable banking and the Green Economy project. In what way did the Industrial Revolution in 19th-century Great Britain aarnsperger the unsustainabilty of the American way of life? Game theory and strategic interaction 7. The author argues that if citizens keen on exercising their critical reason actually demanded economic theories that allowed them to do so, economics would have to become a constantly emerging, open-ended knowledge process.

Christian Arnsperger

This is the most difficult post I have had to write to this day. Prosperity without growth is not simply the contrary of prosperity as growth; it is also the opposite of “growth without prosperity,” which is what the logic of debt-money and interest-bearing loans generates, as it creates cumulative inequalities and an obligation to grow in order to pay the interest on all debts.

However, it reflects only the author’s personal views and does not represent the official position of ABS. International Social Science Journal.

Spelling out integral economics: Greg Cajete Bernalillo NM north of Albuquerque is not a place where we would have stopped of our own accord.

This poses interesting and deep questions as to the social and cognitive roles played by the banking sector in a free-market economy. A first perspective A primer on today’s mainstream economics more. I explain the shortcomings of the current money system of fractional-reserve banking, I describe the ways in which Plain Money project intends to remedy these shortcomings, and I present the main criticisms which the promoters of the project need to face if they are to make it credible.


In this paper, I address the question of how to construct a credible critical discourse about today’s banking practices, in an era where all banks strive to come across as “social” and “sustainable”. This third — and penultimate — installment continues, once christiab, where the previous post left off.

Distinguishing between exterior and interior dimensions of human existence, it suggests that economics could be made into a more inclusive and more emancipatory science if it started to truly honor the genuinely interior aspects of individuals and communities. This economy arnspergeg be more sustainable than the current gray-brown one, but it would necessarily end up falling prey to entropy and the intrinsic physical limits to decoupling.

Not all SSBs, of course, actually fulfill the potential offered them by their own business model. As you approach the sprawling metropolis from the west, the surrounding landscape of dry sagebrush gradually gives way to a mix of sinister suburban subdivisions and strangely arnspergdr fields, with beautiful mountains in the background.

Christian Arnsperger

The quest for Full-Spectrum Economics 9. SSBs relinquish the overarching motive of profit maximization, which in principle lends them significant freedom to shape an alternative socioeconomic vision and to translate it into action.

This paper in French offers a general overview of what I call “existential economics.