Chris Wickham’s acclaimed history shows how this period, encompassing peoples such as Goths, Franks, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs. Review: The Inheritance of Rome: A History of Europe from to by Chris WickhamIan Mortimer finds a gallop from Rome to the. The Inheritance of Rome has ratings and reviews. Justin said: Just to be clear: Chris Wickham does not believe that he can explain anything. He.

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Highly recommended as counterpart to both sensationalist account of the “fall of Rome” and the “darkness that came” on one hand, and “what fall, Excellent book about the world of Rome after Rome so to speak – very well written and captivating, with great chapters on the Islamic world, on the Goths and later the Franks and on the structure of society and good ones on Byzantium – it took me about a month of sporadic reading to finish it, but it became a reference work to be consulted across time.

Hardcoverpages. The Rus I would have liked to learn a lot more about as the Moravians. I admit a single small chapter is already good for histories of this period, yet more is demanded of a brilliant work. Part IV is one of the best and worst of the book, depending on the chapter.

Wednesday 26 December Unfortunately for any readers who attempt to “get” something useful and helpful in a timely manner, reading through the entire book would definitely be a disappointment. He is, says the Literary Review, “a master of a pointillist narrative style.

Byzantium a I am really enjoying this book. If you want something simpler, try The Civilization of the Middle Ages. Return to Book Page.

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The Inheritance of Rome by Chris Wickham – review – Telegraph

Penguin History of Europe 8 books. While Chris Wickham powerfully manages to shatter the idea that western Europe, namely its northern and central regions, was destined to thrive and even rule the world during the much of the modern period, and manages to include the Mediterranean and the inhertiance polities in his narrative, still doesn’t leave enough the old paradigm of looking mostly to western Europe, since eastern and northern Europe aren’t adequately focused.


I also loved his ponderation of the “continuity vs. See all 75 reviews. Alaric leading the Goths through the pillaged streets of Rome; Justinian gazing for the first time on the dome of Hagia Sophia; Rhe bringing the new message of Islam to the warriors of Arabia; Charlemagne being crowned emperor by the Pope on Christmas Day, Incredible as it may seem, witnesses as well as accused persons could be tortured in Roman trials.

Well here yer go Far from being a middle period between more significant epochs, this age has much to tell us in its own right about the progress of culture and the development of political thought.

May 11, Lior Lichai rated it really liked it Shelves: Once within the weakened Empire on their own terms, many such barbarian groups were accomodated by inhefitance Empire and settled as overlords over particular regions. Chris Wickham obviously knows everything: Most chapters begin with a specific example from the source material and then demonstrates why or why not that example is typical of the age and region covered.

The Inheritance of Rome: Illuminating the Dark Ages, by Chris Wickham

Of course, academics often stress that one should err on the side of caution; but they forget that this is still to err. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

But if this is also a landmark book, it will only be seen as such by those looking out of the top windows of ivory towers. My ability to judge the later periods and Islamic is rather more limited to my memory of studying mediaeval history back in my BEd. I hope that a Penguin History of Europe written by a great scholar the author is clearly one should try to leave the typical bias of writing mainly about western Europe often accompanied by teleological history. Digging deep into each culture, Wickham constructs a vivid portrait of a vast and varied world stretching from Ireland to Constantinople, the Baltic to the Mediterranean.


The Carolingian and Post-Carolingian West, As Europe had no integrity at this period, Wickham has had to compare and contrast the political and social conditions of dozens of disparate kingdoms and states across years.

Wickham introduces his work with a good overview of where the scholarship in the Early Middle Ages has gone in the last few decades.

Speeding through the centuries

Wickham begins with an overview of the Roman Empire just before its decline, characterizing the Empire at its height and emphasizing that its failure was gradual and almost imperceptible during the lifetimes of its tbe. The project failed in the end when the Carolingian dynasty died out. Ironically, if Wickham had developed a new “grand narrative” of his own, public interest in this book would have been greater.

Jan 18, WarpDrive rated it it was amazing Shelves: No trivia or quizzes yet. Books by Chris Wickham. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

The Inheritance of Rome

The Ottonians tried to continue this legacy, but Europe, under attack from Vikings, Arabs, and others was less inclined to see itself as a whole towards the end of this period. I did have one kind of WTF moment when he said that most East Germans were totally happy under the East German government, and they only said differently after the fall of the Berlin Wall in order to distance themselves from the old regime.

Jul 14, Justin Evans rated it it was ok Shelves: I have no doubt this is thoroughly researched and minutely considered. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This is more or less the equivalent of the history of Europe from the battle of Agincourt to now.

But it did not suddenly fall apart when the Goths and Vandals showed up.