Chris Marker, filmmaker, poet, novelist, photographer, editor, and now Marker’s La Jetée is one of the most influential, radical science-fiction films ever made. Films In This Set. La Jetée. Chris Marker, filmmaker, poet, novelist, photographer, editor, and now videographer and digital multimedia artist, has been. La Jetee Chris Marker analysis. La Jetee analyzes time, temporality, and mortality by using still images. Read more experimental film at

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The tale of a man, a slave, sent back and forth, in and out of time, to find a solution to the world’s fate, to replenish its decreasing stocks of food, medicine and energies, and in doing so, resulting in a perpetual memory of a lone female, life, death and past events that are recreated on an airport jetty.

At a time when corporations and governments alike are hell-bent on surveilling and snooping on citizens, Marker’s anonymity feels like a thrilling and prophetic act of resistance. Science fiction writer William Gibson considers the film one of his main influences. The writer-director of Monsoon Wedding and Salaam Jrtee Other highlights included What is this film called Love?

Chris Marker’s La Jetee Analysis: Mortality and the Illusion of Time

In truth, I am not sure which idea perplexes me more, that Marker and Co. This film, however, is something other than that. August 1, Rating: Can this film possibly substitute for the writing of a novel? Obstruction is at issue in this conversation, both the kind to cjris and the kind to remove.


Archived from the original on 4 July Tsubaki Sanjuro Super Reviewer. Was this review helpful to you? Notice how they are leaning over in a posture similar to the four-legged animals they are examining.

La Jetée film analysis • Senses of Cinema

Taken markeg the deliberate, artful touch of Marker, the reaper leads me first to D. To whom to attribute the continuous voice accompanying the images? Vivian SobchackCarnal Thoughts Berkeley: Retrieved 8 January That substance is the secret: Someone is about to be — or already is — dead. Views Read Edit View history. But perhaps I am also at the stage of image hallucination.

La Jetee depicts the inevitability of death in a similar way. More powerful than the grim reaper, such intention reads chrsi love, and waves of sociability surge outward as members of the audience compare their appreciation of the stable form that would seem to guarantee it.

Each page spread is spacious; not a clump of information to be absorbed, but a field of potential relations to be traversed.

There is, however, an alternate way of looking at it, which goes beyond optimism and pessimism, and pushes the work towards another direction. On one hand, it underscores a basic but rarely noted aspect of cultural experience: My audiences said they too now saw the grim reaper, and what remained to be considered was what that perception could mean.


But he was no hermit or recluse.

The title, at first, is misleading. His film career is as eclectic as his life, mixing documentaries, short fiction films, false documentaries, mixed media works, etc.

La Jetée () | The Criterion Collection

This is Marker’s masterpiece. A science fiction story about a man who in a post-apocalyptic and totalitarian future is forcefully sent back to the past chri scientists, in order to seek help. The first aspect of this suddenness is externalized and generally available: La Jetee is a an experimental time travel film, but temporality and movement are opposed visually with the still images.

Knowing now what the image certainly was the travelerI seemed forced to accept that I also knew what it was not the reaper.

The artifacts that define memory are stable — it is time itself which becomes unstable in jeyee course of History. University of California Press,p.

It is composed of a still shot of an airport, but because of the fast zoom out the scene appears alive and moving in time.