Drongo is a fictional character in Chingiz Abdullayev’s Drongo series. The character first appeared in Blue Angels. Character introduction[edit]. Drongo is a . Azerbaijani Literature Chingiz Abdullayev (born ). Otvetniy Udar, Retaliatory Blow. Back to – Literature Index Back to – Azeri Latin Index ยท Home | About Azeri. Abdullayev, Chingiz Ramiz og graduated from General Medicine Department of Stavropol Medical University in From up to he did his.

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He placed it gently over the countess’ shoulders. Then Maurice returned, found Serge and killed him.

And you beat him up. Jigunov was the last one to come down to the living room. Albert did everything just as ordered. You can’t steal a cross from a dead person. It was just like Theresa. But who could have struck such a decisive blow? At first he said some obscene things to George, and then he started a loud argument with Maurice.

There was one more corpse. And I will die with a calm heart.

Then the Lepelliets left: Her husband Mikhail Dolski is an entrepreneur of the very famous Dolski family. He’s a Dolski; I don’t have any other immediate relatives. All the newspapers wrote about him last week. She was tall, wearing a dark dress and a big hat.


But it wasn’t me. I ran up, picked him up and slapped him on the face. Count George de Rouvroit.

He squinted his eyes, leaned nearer, and then opened one eye and then the other. And if the murderer had needed chibgiz help of a professional to do this? You’ll have to hang around here for one more month.

Azerbaijani Literature – Chingiz Abdullayev

In such a way Drongo was sitting in the very center between Igor and the hostess, and in front of Theresa Lepelliet. Andrey Pervozvanni around his neck. And that was it, no one even called again. Dolski got up and looked out the window.

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On the other hand, it would be abudllayev to see all these guests. Was it something connected with the car?

I need to organize my will. There’s almost no chance to solve this, but if we abdullaeyv any, we’ll have to play a kind of farce that our investigation depends on.


Jigunov was standing there and turned his back. And now it had ended so badly. About meters away. Since up to present Doctor Abdullayev has been working as a vascular surgeon; until he worked as a Chief of Vascular Surgery Department at the Central Military Hospital of Azerbaijan Republic.

List of physicians

Finally, who could have sent the letter faking Serge’s handwriting? Igor ran after him trying to get him to return, but it was all useless. He wasn’t breathing, but Drongo understood from the blood that was still flowing that the murdered man had received the deadly blow only a few minutes earlier. But at the first gas station, his car broke down.

Who could have been chibgiz in Serge Polonski’s death? In our house,” Maria cried. When the car took off, he looked chingi again.

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