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The SL is up but because of a 3 day rally which I believe will be cut short soon. Having a professional to guide me is what allowed me to grow my account very fast. I have a limit order to short 4 bonds at However other indicators specific to the stock markets are pointing towards a good probability of an up move.

It never came and now sugar has broken through the old resistance levels of about a year ago.

Chick Goslin Method – Jamil Raza Trading Journal

I may go in at market tonight. I expect more on the downside. As expected, the SL turned down today. No, create an account now. I do not try to time these brief moves anymore, for all I know there may not even be one. No black boxing here, it requires a brain to analyze what the indicators are saying. Log in or Sign up. I use some very bare bones technical indicators.


My Chick Goslin “Intelligent Futures Trading” Journal | Elite Trader

I goslij several market groups: By averaging the short term price indicator we get a reasonable indicator or intermediate term price flow in this setup, the flow of price over a couple weeks or so All the lines are imperfect indicators which are reasonably reliable, as Chick Goslin says, but far from perfect. Thanks for starting this journal.

I am shortign this market because bot the trend and ML are down. This trade is a bit complicated and i would not have done it myself but after talking to Chick Goslin today I have decided this to be a good trade.

Discussion in ‘ Journals ‘ started by AshanDJun 3, I am waiting for the price and SL to dip a little and then long it. The stocks performed as planned for today. I had to widen the stops on that up to to guard against a sharp rally which this market likes to do sometimes.

So upside risk rewards is good here. This is a very volatile market which requires wider stops than normal. My lines are very negative for this market. Also my positions are on the heavy side right now.

My limit order for cocoa did not hit. I usually don’t trade that heavy. I also only check my balance about every 2 weeks. Very glad to see this journal, and I agree, it was a shame to see Chick cancel his letter. Yen did not catch my limit order yesterday but I shorted it today at 9. Attached is a picture of gosin NQ.


Can you post a screen shot? This line take the last 3 days of price average and compares it against the last 10 day average of price. If the 3 day average is higher, the line will be somewhere above 0 depending on the magnitude of the difference Vice versa if the 10 day average is higher.

My Chick Goslin “Intelligent Futures Trading” Journal

Often times there will be an explosive sudden rally in some of the more volatile markets. The TL or trend line, which is a simple 10 week moving average 49 days to be exact, 49 vs 50 gosin not that significant and is more of a customary thing I got from my mentor than anything else The trend line gives me the overall direction of the market.

I am a huge fan of Chick.