Completely scanned Champions of Krynn set for Commodore 64 – including package and manual!. Champions of Krynn – Manual. INTRODUCTION: CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN begins after the war of the lance. The evil armies have been shattered and most of. Champions of Krynn The first game in the trilogy is Champinos of Krynn. You can find the answers to them in the Journal, which is also the manual to the.

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Each moon effects the magical powers of a different group of mages.

These names translate as follows:. Men establishing outposts to watch over these territories whilst the good forces withdrew. Some magic items are, in reality; cursed and can do great harm. You are sent to warn him of the danger. This character will be useful throughout the game, but ls vital for the Tomb. As always, if we don’t have it, we wall find it, or make it. Many are also proficient in the use of magic. Tire fact is that our commandant has not been himself lately.

Draconians have slipped into the manor house and will strike when the current meeting ends, J watched them enter and saw the secret sign they gave the guards, I have no love of these assassins or their traitorous ally. Both clerics and mages may cast spells which assist the party in combat.

IF the caster is 6th level the target becomes as strong as an Ogre. WANDS Wands are the traditional objects of enchantment Wands generally will cast a set number of a given spell fire ball or magic missile for instance. He bare- ly croaks out some broken phrases: The undead forces move to face the oncoming good armies. Sent to the Southern Outpost in an effort to discover why it has suddenly fallen silent.

The character’s HP per level are averaged among the classes. Each spell operates in one or more of the magical spheres, and so mages are limited in their selection of spells by their school of magic.


Each deity will confer spe- cial powers to clerics. You need to get to Jelek as quickly as possible.

Champions of Krynn – Manual

Gender affects the character’s maximum strength. Krnyn with a wisdom of 14 or higher receive additional low level spells. Many of our most faithful followers have died suddenly and mysteriously within this last fortnight. Its only three cards and I’m sure you won’t have any problem keeping track of the Princess.

Champions Of Krynn: Guidebook and Tips

We found out that someone was entering the burial glen, digging up the bodies, and then re-ani mating them into zombies and ghouls. A very powerful mage trapped him in there before the world was changed, The only thing that will release him ts a piece of the soul of the mage who trapped him. If the target makes its saving throw, the damage is halved. INNS provide a safe place to rest using the Encamp menu. The armoury charges steel pieces for service. This is a very useful ability and should be used frequently.

If everyone reading this gave the price of a cup of coffee, our fundraiser would be made easier. The good dragons” “neutrality” was the price they paid to keep I heir eggs from harm.

If a party flees it will not receive any XP for monsters killed before retreating, AFTER COMBAT If one or more characters survive on the battlefield at the end of combat, the bodies of unconscious or dead party members stay with the party, if the entire party flees from combat, all unconscious and krynnn party members are permanently lost.

From this and your report, Sir Karl quickly realizes that evil has been operating the outpost for its own ends. How am I supposed to get my lumber into the city if I can’t use the port? See the Combat section for details. Skeletons, for example, take only half damage from sharp or edged weapons, while some other monsters only take maanual from magical weapons, BACK STABBING A thief will back stab if he attacks a target from exactly opposite the first character to attack the target.


At the beginning of the game, go to the Armoury, Fool your money and pur- chase the following equipment: A character may attack od adjacent target with a thrown weapon ax, dub, etc or a hoopak Render only. Overland displays a map of the area of the world Krynn where this game takes place. Many of the good dragon eggs remain lost.

Target the first creature in the row clos- est to caster. They are highly intelli- gent and dangerous opponents, MOBAT These are huge omnivorous bats who like nothing better than warm- blooded humanoids for dinner! Select the active character and then choose a conversation tactic from the parlay menu. The current position of the moons is displayed at the top of your computer screen and their effects are as follows: They can 21 Shadow People breathe fire or chlorine gas, These good dragons have the ability to poly- morph themselves and can appear in the guise of human or animals.

Up to sixteen 1 hit-die targets are affected. Select the spell to cast and then indicate the target of the spell. Champions of Krynn is an interactive adventure and the story can unfold in any of a number of ways.

Manuals/Documents for Champions of Krynn

Please give whatever you can to help us. More often, however, your characters must stand and fight. It is through this process that the draconlans were created in the first place.

You will find that the overland ls not unoccupied.

We run on donations averaging around 6 USD 5 Euro. One laughs, “The one you saw die before you was not Sir Kart, it was a Sivak, There are no slaves here, it was only a story to lure you to your doom,’ 1 They begin to dose in.