No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any .. One CMR (Chaintech Multimedia Raiser) for Chaintech Multimedia Card (CMC) .. MHz. OPEN. MHZ. Chapter 2. Serial ATA and Parallel ATA. Bus Speeds, 66 / 75 / 83 / / / / MHz Now how many of you didn’t know that until the Chaintech manual told you? ;)). View and Download CHAINTECH 7VIL4 user manual online. 2 DDR SDRAM Specifications Memory Frequency Internal System BUS Frequency MHz .

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Chapter 3 Video Off Option This setting allows you to select the power-saving modes during which the monitor goes blank.

Please select [OK] to complete setup. Simply remove the two jumper caps at pins [] and [] then plug it into the optional cable 133.

Chaintech 6BTM

Got it, continue to print. Memory Hole At 15MM: Please select [Yes] to accept the license agreement. Page 49 Chapter 4 5.

Page of 52 Go. This function stops the computer if BIOS detects a hardware error. It also determines the maximum amount of system RAM that can be allocated to the graphics card for texture storage. Please click [OK] to complete the setup process. Page 46 Chapter 4 2. This motherboard is electrostatic sensitive. However, please make sure your components are able to tolerate such abnormal setting, while CPU clock speed is overclocked. Chapter 2 Hardware Setup Chapter 2 If your motherboard has already been installed in your computer you may still need to refer to this chapter if you plan to upgrade your system’s hardware.


Lan Driver Setup Chapter 4 7. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Chapter 2 such as pressing a key on the keyboard or moving the mouse will bring the system back to Full-On.

Page 32 Chapter 3 Video Off Option This setting allows you to select the power-saving modes during which the monitor goes blank. Any attempt to operate beyond product specifications is not recommended. Page 39 Chapter 4 3. Page 50 Chapter 4 8. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Any opinion will be appreciated. This header is used to connect an add-in modem card, which gives WOM capability to the motherboard. Click [Audio Driver] 2. Please select [OK] to restart your computer.

Page 13 Chapter 2 the motherboard. Page 43 Chapter 4 3. Corsair Microsystems Purchase Web-Site: Please select [OK] to continue. Chaintech chose the first and “safer” avenue of travel for their BX motherboard, overall it is a more “one size fits all” approach to constructing a motherboard since there are quite a few users that still want those precious ISA slots on their boards while keeping a fairly roomy 4 PCI slots for more advanced upgrades.

Chaintech is back once again with a hit on their hands, their first entry into the BX arena is definitely a knockout, the 6BTM follows in the Chaintech tradition impressing this review site with a highly overclockable nature, rock solid stability, and not to mention their first class quality and extreme attention to detail. Chapter 3 is disabled. Page 44 Chapter 4 5. Chapter 4 Audio Driver Setup 1. We reserve all the rights to change this manual. Page 16 Chapter 2 5.



Load Fail-safe Defaults Chapter 3 Overclocking: Arriving in this market with a ABIT-Like chaontech box bearing the Chaintech Logo and sure enough it also carries the label “We don’t imitate, we innovate.

Don’t have an account? Please select [Yes] for restarting computer now or [No] for restart later, then click [Finish] to complete the installation.

Disabled Disabled Disabled Passive Release: This configuration menu should be changed when installing a motherboard for the first time, changing hardware in your system such as the HDD, FDD, video display, or when the CMOS data was lost or corrupted.

Page 40 Chapter 4 5. Don’t show me this message again. Enabled Enabled Disabled Delayed Transaction: The biggest difference seems to be the Slot-1 SEC Slot, instead of packaging a CPU Retention Support Kit with the motherboard and risking possible damage during the installation of the kit if you’ve never built a Pentium II system it can be a bit intimidating at firstChaintech chose to build a collapsible support onto the board itself.

This motherboard is designed to support overclocking. Integrated Peripherals Chapter 3 Integrated Peripherals This section provides information on setting peripheral devices. Page 33 Chapter 3 3.

Page 48 Chapter 4 3. Please select [Print to File] to continue. Page 29 Chapter 3 5.