You can use a CSS style declaration within a style block that is nested within the cfdocument tag, or you can place the font specification directly. Learn how to create PDFs using cfdocument in ColdFusion with this Free Open Source type=”footer”> style=”text-align:center;”>Page #cfdocument. cfdocument will take your combination of CFML and HTML and convert it to a ” short”)# style=”text-align:center;”>Page.

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ColdFusion 9 supports bookmarks.

Are you still running CF11? Take a look at wkhtmltopdf. Managed Hosting Services provided by. Matt, thanks for the extra info.

Generating Accurate PDFs Using Cfdocument – Nando @ Aria Media

Your pagebreak problems could be a result of your margins declared within the tag, and the amount of space needed vs the allocated there for your section items. Email Required, styl never shown. Email Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Cfdkcument in ColdFusion by rip on September 10, He started developing web applications in and developing ColdFusion applications since This would make the cfdocument engine retrieve the images directly from the file system rather then asking the server for it over http This attribute helps reducing the load from the server so that the same web server thread can now serve user request instead of serving local images to CFDocument.

Comments 10 Comments [ Add Comment ] This is kind of unrelated, but relevant at the same time imo. Document Handling cfdocument By Tim Cunningham.


Generating Accurate PDFs Using Cfdocument

Notify me of new comments via email. I have had problems with page breaks — images, lines of text pdfs mainly split over two pages. Specify a number less than But it dont really solved the size problem. I will have to develop workarounds.

For optimal performance and reliability, Adobe recommends that you specify a local file URL for images stored on the server. Bottom margin in inches default or centimeters. You should be able to just use a relative path reference, as far as I know and so I would not think expandpath should be needed, either, as that converts the path to an absolute one.

Simply adding the proper page headers allows the PDF to generate. As such, CF will need to “get” whatever images or scripts or css files are defined on the generated HTML page as img src, script src, link href, etc. Default unit for the pageHeight, pageWidthand margin attributes:. Be aware though, that this means by default your font files will be available to download to anyone who wants them.

This attribute is available only if you have integrated OpenOffice with ColdFusion. Second, there are certainly still other possible CFDocument performance issues, and the following other resources address some of those: User name to provide to the proxy server.

Avoid using relative file paths: I would go back to CF7, when theres no sexy cfthread tag in CF8…. To find them, and other resources for finding help, see my cf Password required to access restricted permissions.


ColdFusion ignores the additional content.

You can specify this tag’s attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure. Rusty Owens said, on October 25, at Thanks for your help and placing this article out into the world. Jason Haritou said, on April 28, at Kathleen said, on October 19, at Post as a guest Name. Charlie Arehart Related Categories: Thanks to faxi05 for the suggestion.

For more information, see the “Using an image file URL” section.

Document Handling

This might have been a unique issue in my case, but hopefully can save someone else some time. Coldfusion cfdocument to pdf loses css styling Ask Question. Use this option to reduce the size of the HTML output so that it fits on that paper.

Some combination of these things should work, unless you have a mistaken path or perhaps a web server configuration problem. For myself, I found it easier simply to measure placement from cfdocumnt edge of the page.

Phillip Senn said, on August 3, at

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