There it was clear that, perhaps as César Aira says, Pizarnik’s work is none other than an investigation into the metamorphosis of the subject. To read Pizarnik is to inhabit her melancholic world, a world of recursive, enabling lines, prestige surrounds the work of Alejandra Pizarnik,” writes César Aira. Alejandra Pizarnik. Front Cover. César Aira, Alejandra Pizarnik. Ediciones Omega, – Biography & Autobiography – pages.

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César Aira – Wikipedia

Beatriz Viterbo Diario de la hepatitis Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature. Besides his fiction, and the translation work he does for a living, Aira also writes literary criticism, including monographic studies of Copi, the poet Alejandra Pizarnikand the nineteenth-century British limerick and nonsense writer Edward Cexar.

Bajo la luna nueva Madre e hijo Retrieved from ” https: Grupo Editor Latinoamericano La liebre From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Next Article LitHub Daily: Years of verses and of psychoanalytical therapy and of frustrated attempts at suicide with barbiturates, and with her dangerous insomnia always as a backdrop, masks of the night in lost places only she knew: Archived from the original on 29 November Win a Lit Hub tote bag!


Her song is suffused with death and she sings to the sun of her drunkenness. Alfaguara La aora December 27, by Tori Telfer.

Alejandra Pizarnik

She combined these subjects tirelessly with a great trust in language, which paradoxically ended up awaking in her the suspicion that her words had a mortal dimension and that perhaps the only thing they named was absence. The dark force of her Immaturity produces an irresistible attraction, and astounds in this plzarnik age of poetry of the experience, or academic lyric poetry.

Mansalva El testamento del Mago Tenor pixarnik Mansalva Las aventuras de Barbaverde Era El tilo These solitary, desolate ladies were words, which, in turn, were subjects for her. How Does Sororicide Work? Aira has published over a hundred short books of stories, novels and essays.

He frequently refuses to conform to generic expectations for how a novel ought to end, leaving many of his fictions quite open-ended.

Anagrama Fragmentos de cesad diario en los Alpes Retrieved 2 May Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 28 April This page was last edited on 5 Octoberat Mondadori Yo era una chica moderna Ediciones Biblioteca Nacional Artforum Article continues after advertisement. Alejandra Pizarnik was born in Avellaneda, Argentina, the daughter of immigrant Russian parents, and her literary biography began very early.


Beatriz Viterbo Cecil Taylor Aira also was the literary executor of the complete works of his friend the poet and novelist Osvaldo Lamborghini — In fact, at least since a hallmark of his work is an almost frenetic level of writing and publication—two to five novella-length books each year.

She has stood still Gombrowicz would say. Alfaguara La villa Aira with Fragmentos de un diario en los Alpes and El tilo Aira also seeks in his own work, and praises in the work of others such as the Argentine-Parisian cartoonist and comic novelist Copithe “continuum” el continuo pisarnik a crsar momentum in the fictional narrative.

As a result, his fictions can jump radically from one genre to another, and often deploy narrative strategies from ceear culture and “subliterary” genres like pulp science fiction and television soap operas.

Sleep, death, infancy, terror, night. Enrique Vila-Matas Enrique Vila-Matas is a Spanish novelist whose award-winning books have been translated into 30 languages.

Beatriz Viterbo Los misterios de Rosario

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