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Can you identify this object from the Florentine Codex? An image of Citlalicue?

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Within a month they were condemned to defeat. Elected as the captain general of these people Huitzilihuitl commanded that all along the frontage of that hill there should be built many walls of stone Some Mexteco manuscripts show fe of the different types of this singular weapon used by the Mextecos, including some that were used like a boomerang.

Guerra de Baja Intensidad. Vintage Paperback Books Paperback Books.

Read our report on the 3rd London Nahuatl Study Day. The subject of warfare in Mesoamerica is still one of the main areas of investigation for many researchers.

The origin and distribution of this weapon is historla problem still to be solved and which no doubt includes the polemics mentioned earlier. The serious problem with the macuahuitl is without doubt the debate regarding its function, its strength and its destructive potential.

How were Xochipilli and Xochiquetzal marck How should I start teaching a topic on the Aztecs? In this context there are various proposals.

The ancient Maya walked hidtoria even danced on stilts. La asombrosa historia de los antiguos mayas. The eagle and the snake The famous macuahuitl of about 70—80 cm long had a minimum of six to eight blades on each side.


Below is a short summary of the actual places and areas of pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica where I have been able to find this artefact or similar artefacts which could be forerunners or variants of it.

: Marco Antonio Cervera Obregon: Books

Who exactly were the Chichimec people? This item doesn’t belong on this page. Did the Azteecas try to convert conquered peoples? The State, War and Peace: For them, and for a world on the brink of the Second World War, the stakes were agonisingly high. What evidence is there of human sacrifice?

How did the Aztecs make molcajetes? At ThriftBooks, our motto is: Did the Aztecs have a term for religion?

It is against this background that I have developed a programme of investigation that I have called the Research Programme into Military Equipment in Mesoamerica, which considers the phenomenon of war throughout Mesoamerica from various perspectives. This type of mace continued at least until the Early Post-Classic.

The stability of the weapon when it was brandished was rather poor since the design itself and the great weight of the type of wood used did not allow good manoeuvrability in the various movements. The tanks used during the Spanish Civil War are not often examined in any great detail, and are often labeled as little more than test vehicles in a convenient proving ground before World War II.

Now it was time for the most interesting part of this research: Was Xochiquetzal a female Aztec warrior? In some pictographic documents such as the Florentine Codex, it can be seen that this weapon is used with two hands, which seems logical considering its weight and poor stability.

However research in this field can be tricky: Read our feature on Mexica Weapony The major inconvenience considering the weight of the reproduction is its poor manoeuvrability when using just one hand.


Kyd is arguably Shakespeare’s most important tragic predecessor. When the item was histotia it had a series of seven flakes on each side, perfectly set with wooden wedges and completely coated in a mixture of pine and copal resin. Log In Sign Up. Red paint on Aztec stone sculptures. My proposal is that the wood used for this must have been of great hardness and abundance if it was to provide weapons for the great Mesoamerican armies, so it is quite probable that the macuahuitls were made of encino oak.

Maya connections at Bristol City Museum. Cervega rain gold was in fact a rare meteorite Finally, we come to the Mexica people, who are the best candidates to be the main innovator of weapons in their age. A Story about the Spanish.

El Libro De Los Secretos Vol. 2

Click here to sign up. Did the Aztecs have coming-of-age rituals? The tentative interpretation about the macuahuitl weapon system leads us to believe that a shield would be required to allow the warrior to defend himself from the impact of a second macuahuitl since this was not really designed for defence, but only for attack. One of the original examples available was to be found in the Royal Armoury in Madrid until it was destroyed by fire in Hassig For this purpose, we carried out the following experimental work.

Could you get divorced? In spite of the fact that Toltec archaeol- ogy does not make clear their use in the Early Post-Classic period, written sources reveal otherwise.

The feast for Xilonen.

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