Buy Celestron C8-A-XLT CGE 8″ f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (OTA Only) featuring 8″ (mm) Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA, mm Focal Length, f/ High quality Celestron C8 SCT optical tubes are an ideal upgrade for large aperture chasers. Buy now on sale from Celestron’s Official Australian Dealer. View the night sky or terrestrial landscapes with the Celestron C8-A SCT, an unmounted Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with premium StarBright XLT coatings !.

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Despite being far more portable and easy to mount and use, it is also true that the C8 still underperforms a good long focus Newtonian of the same aperture though to a lesser degree now that it has such good optics. Cdlestron 6x magnification preserves wide field of view to more easily find alignment or guide stars 30mm aperture helps to see dimmer objects and stars for easier alignment and star-hopping navigation. Add a personal message.

This is celesrton tricky question to answer. You could get one in orange or black. Pictures help, but there is no substitute for seeing and touching the scope yourself. Conduct a quick star test. Shipping costs TS-Optics 1.

Celestron C8-A XLT SCT Optical Tubes

Together with the use of high transmission water white float glass in the corrector plate the result is markedly improved light transmission. We’ll email you a link to celestronn page where you can easily create a new password. Wrinkle ridges and bright rays showed up to great effect and contrast and sharpness were first rate.

The accessories delivered with the C8.

Celestron C8 Overview

This Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope can easily be mounted on a multitude of computerized telescope mounts with very crlestron effort. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.


In brief, here is a checklist.

These days, a rail mounted OTA is a definite plus. Meade Meopta Binoculars d8 Spo. Another disadvantage of the design is the large central celestrin. Polar alignment was accomplished by turning the tube degrees and sighting Polaris through the finder.

The secondary mirror housing is removable, so you can plug a camera and doublet corrector in at prime focus to image with the focal ratio of the remarkably fast F2 primary mirror. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. The wider profile CGE bar provides a more rigid connection between your telescope and mount compared to the CG-5 dovetail.

Celestron C8 XLT Schmidt Cassegrain Optical Tube Assembiles – BINTEL

The net result is faster, more attentive service from the Manufacturer and an enhanced customer experience. Shipping costs TS-Optics Cleaning kit five parts – for almost all optical surfaces.

If it still looks OK, stop and ask yourself again – Are you still sure you want to deal with a wedge mounted, fork mounted C8?

Celestron no longer make Fastar hardware, but oddly still support the architecture which is nowadays implemented by third parties like Starizona.

A plastic dew-cap is provided, but unlike the original push-fit C8 cap, this one twists and locks in place — a good compromise between push and screw-on types. Collimation clearly velestron a tendency to shift in transport. This is in marked contrast to my own original orange-tube C8 and a Meade LX that I tried since, both of which had very mushy, imperfect focus over a wide range of settings.

Special Order Update Location close.

The SCT design has many advantages in terms of compactness and light weight the corrector is thinner and lighter than that in a Maksutovfor example. Monday to Friday In contrast, Meade was portraying their telescopes as serious scientific instruments.

To this day the Celestron C8 Schmidt Cassegrain remains a popular choice because of its excellent versatility. Older fork mounted tubes can be drilled for Vixen-style dovetails, but this is not always a simple operation. Like many Cassegrainsthe C8 focuses internally by moving the main mirror. Original C8 tubes used lead-based paint, so be careful around it if you own one.


Celestron also use a better, more transmissive glass for the corrector than in previous models. Celeston Barr and Stroud Berlebach. The Schmidt-Cassegrain optics on xelestron unit feature Starbright coatings and a Celesrton secondary mirror assembly.

These are still sold today. Provide a link for our team to confirm celsetron price and within a matter of seconds you’ll have a price match providing the re-seller is within the USA and authorized by the manufacturer to sell the product of interest.

Globular clusters — like M56 and M15 – look good at medium magnifications in the C8 and their outer parts resolve. The optical tube is outfitted with a standard 1. As a company Celestron went through major changes starting in the s. Off-axis aberrations celestrom mar the view of extended objects, such as clusters, compared to a better corrected design.

Celestron C8-A SCT Aluminum Optical Tube with CGE Dovetail – 91024-XLT

Star fields lack that brilliancy you get with a fine APO. Internal focusing By main mirror focusing, a very large focusing range is ensured.

This item is in stock and typically ships in 1 day or less. If it’s daytime, catch a glint of light off something. The Edge 8 models feature excellent correction at the edges of celestronn field for astrophotographers. Early C8s had an un-coated corrector, but this one has proper multi-coatings as you can see in the photos.