Abstract. The Navigator EPX is a digital lighting console optimised for the control of intelligent lighting. Its principle features are ease of use, flexibility of. Celco Navigator lighting console in excellent condition (includes console, case, and power supply). From and still works great!. Celco Navigator Lighting Desk | Sound & Vision, Performance & DJ Equipment, Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay!.

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This flag prompts the console processor to download the proper cue data into the lamp unit memory. I can punt moving lites on 12 faders, but I cannot use the conventionals tonite. In accordance with the example for changing the position of a stage lamp under manual control, it is assumed that the console has performed the usual initialization routines. As noted above, each lamp unit connected to the network will receive the lamp address; however, only the address transmitted will respond.

If a checksum test of the program code fails, an appropriate flag is set in the lamp status word to prompt the console to download the program code. The output from the counter is an indication of the position of the motor and is transmitted through the data bus back to the microprocessor In the alternative, when valid cue data found to celcco present in the lamp unit memory, the initialization script is reentered, whereupon the cue data and the console state packet are utilized to set up all function logical controllers to respond to the next manual control or cue recall command from the console.

The same with gobos. On subsequent activations of the command interpreter subprogram, cekco are conducted with the communications manager program on the status of the previously issued read command. This program flow is illustrated in FIG. Cue numbers are entered at the console 24 through a key pad Until such time as the new lamp unit position is reached, the hardware interrupts and servomotor control recalculations are interspersed with the actions of the navigatr sequencer’s endless loop.


In one implementation of the invention, a controller is provided for a lighting system adapted to control a plurality of multiple parameter lamp units.

The other lamp units of the system are assigned different console-control-channel numbers, and each unit will independently extract its own bit-data from the one hundred twenty-five byte block.

It is therefore vitally important that the lamps properly respond to the cues which are initiated by the console The response routine accomplishes this by calling the file manager program to open the file with the particular lamp control channel number navitator the cue data file directory.

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The system is always maintained in an optimum manner upon the addition of lamp units since each lamp unit adds the necessary processing power and memory required for carrying out its function. The control function is provided by a plurality of units which include the console These messages allow the additional and alternate consoles and javigator control unit to produce the same displays as the main control console or to display different information. My client is Rihanna and she is playing a short set for a party the magazine is throwing navigatlr a club in NYC.

As a result, the main sequencer is entered in the endless loop at the position previously exited when the newly pressed switch was sensed. The next example involves the processing in the lamp unit as a velco of the console operator having actuated the “store cue” switch on the console panel.

Refer now to FIG. All additional and subsequent processing is accomplished by the individual lamp units, as required. The communications manager programs celck the various lamp units disregard subsequent repetitious console transmissions by the use of the sequence numbers. The lamp command is then dispatched to the communications manager program as a broadcast message. It is understood that other sensing circuits can be used with equal celcoo.


Accordingly, the state of the “store cue” switch is found to have been pressed. The pars are new as well and Jeff the house LD has done a good job of navigatorr something well thought out and easy to make looks on.

On the other hand, the broadcast address includes a lamp address field with a special value to which all lamp units in the network respond.

On faders where all I want is movement and intensity, you must ghost these lights up with a fader to preset your lights in a proper focus position. The description of the repeater 52 is made in reference to the control console being a source and the lamp units being destinations.

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Lastly, there is provided a switch lamp control subsidiary program. Both of the memories and are connected to the data bus and the address bus As noted previously, the communications manager program processes this message by immediate transmission, or by enqueueing the message for subsequent transmission when the communications channel is clear.

Messages sent from the additional and alternate consoles and remote control unit to the main console are of two types. During the ordinary sequence of a production or show, the console regularly requests lamp status data from each lamp located on the console. The physical control manager associated program oversees activation of the subprograms which effect the changes in current function data, as computed by the logical controllers.

The command from the network state control response routine to close the file causes the file manager program to release the pointers to the data in memory relating to the file. This is in contrast with the “daisy-chained” or serially connected networks typically employed.