CCNP SWITCH 6 – BitRadius. Instructor Lab Manual Book everyone. Download file Free Book PDF Ccnp Switch Instructor Lab Manual at. CCNP: Implementing Secure Converged Wide-area Networks v – Lab Copyright © Ensure that the switch is set up so that both the router and host are in the same. VLAN. .. Figure Internet Explorer Security Alert Prompt. ccnp switch instructor lab pdf. CCNP SWITCH Instructor Lab Manual. This document is exclusive property of Cisco Systems, Inc.

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During this period, the switch discovers if it is connected to another switch or an end-user device. Enter basic configuration commands on each switch according to the diagram. DLS1 show spanning-tree mst configuration Name [] Revision 0 Instance Vlans mapped 0 Step 5: The default is in square brackets. Configured from console by console ALS1 undebug all All possible debugging has been turned off Why could enabling portfast on redundant switch access links be a bad idea?

You can verify the changes you are about to make with the show pending command. Both will be dynamically learned and then added to the running configuration. However, VTP does not work unless trunk links are established.

CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual, 2nd Edition

If the VTP version defaults to 1, set it manually to version 2 using the vtp version command. Because no trunks are set up between the switches, they have not started to distribute any VLAN information.

This is because all VLANs are running spanning tree with the default behavior. Although not configured in this lab, loop guard can be configured as an alternative or in addition to UDLD. Extensive labs emphasize hands- on learning and practice to reinforce troubleshooting techniques.


Challenge Try to guess how mahual topology would look if you completely removed the root switch. Configure the trunks and EtherChannels. This type of configuration does not work on ports that need to service IP phones with PCs attached. This ping should succeed. Enable QoS on all switches cchp in the scenario. Once authenticated, the user is allowed access to the network resources. The distribution layer switches are Layer 3 devices and do not need default gateways. Set a default gateway with the default-router address command.

You must use a different port channel number on ALS1 than 1, because you already used that in the previous step. Enter the management interface swtich. Boot Sector Filesystem bs installed, fsid: Verify which ports are in this inconsistent state with the show spanning-tree inconsistentports command.

Page 7 of 7. When you are in MST configuration mode, you can view the current configuration using the show current command.

Another feature of spanning tree is PortFast. The ALS2 output swktch similar. Jitter time from source to destination and from destination to source is averaging 1 ms, which is acceptable for voice applications. In this case, UDLD disables only failed links, and the channel should remain functional with the links that remain. If you want to do some instrctor before the switch learns VLANs from the network, put it into VTP transparent mode until you are ready.

Issue the show interfaces trunk command on DLS1 to verify the trunking mode, encapsulation and status for the trunk links.


Cisco Networking Academy, CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual, 2nd Edition | Pearson

If these pings are not successful, troubleshoot. On each switch, erase the startup configuration, delete the vlan.

Erase the startup configuration, delete the vlan. For interfaces that need to be up, use the no shutdown command in the new lab. Ping from Host A to Host B. Insertion of option 82 is enabled circuit-id format: This port has been transitioned to this state because it receives a BPDU that claims to be the root.

Verify the configuration using the show ip route command on DLS1. DLS1 show etherchannel summary Flags: Data coming in on the switch ports will either have the CoS trusted or altered based on the information received on the ports. Did the topology converge the way you thought it would? DLS1 configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line.


Another way of creating VLANs is to create instruxtor in configuration mode without assigning port membership. To add names, use the name command in VLAN configuration mode. Background When working with a switch that has been previously configured, any new commands entered are merged with the existing configuration, causing unpredictable results.

The pings from the student VLAN should fail. Ports are identified as trusted or untrusted. The instance number can be between 0 and