CCNA 3 Final Exam Answers (v+v) – Scaling Networks 1. A network designer is considering whether to implement a swit. The quiz below is designed to help you with the CCNA 3 final exam. Give it a try and get to know what to expect come exam time. CCNA3 v – Exam Answers – Online Assessment (April, ). CCNA3 v ( CCNA Scaling Networks) is the latest update that we have collection since till April We have verify with the Practice Final · Online.

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A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Which part of the inter-VLAN configuration causes the problem?

It is a globally unique autonomous system number that is assigned by IANA. Implement the command network Which route or routes will be advertised to the router ISP if autosummarization is fnial It tells the router which interface to turn on eexam the OSPF routing process. Routers create a topology of the network by using information from other routers. Refer to the exhibit. Match each description to its corresponding LSA type.


CCNA 3, Final Exam Quiz

As a business experiences continuous growth it becomes more important to design a network that helps you meet your desired technological needs. This is a security feature that is available on all new Catalyst switches.

The switch configuration must be saved and the switch reloaded to reset a configuration revision number.

What is the result of having those manually configured timers? What action should the administrator take to enable this communication?

All switches currently have a VTP revision number of 5. A network administrator has configured the OSPF timers to the values that are shown in the graphic.

There is a risk that the switch may cause incorrect VLAN information to be sent through the domain. Cccna network administrator enters the spanning-tree portfast bpduguard default command.

The new switch has a VTP revision number of 4. Combine routes learned from different protocols into a single routing table. When EtherChannel is configured, which mode will force an interface into a port channel without exchanging aggregation protocol packets? Go to My Dashboard.

It uses ICMP messages in order to assign the default gateway to hosts. Select a Match generated by all routers and flooded within an area generated by the DR on a multiaccess segment and flooded within an area generated by ABRs and send between areas generated by ABRs and send between areas to advertise the location of an ASBR none.


There are no interarea routes in the fjnal table for network It identifies the ISP that provides the connection to network of the organization.

The remaining two interfaces become separate links between the two switches.

CCNA 3 v Exam Answers score %

Please take the quiz to rate it. Paths are chosen based on the lowest number of cccna to the designated router. As the network administrator you have been asked to implement EtherChannel on the corporate network. The database information for each router is obtained from the same source.

Which protocol has been implemented to group multiple physical ports into one logical link? What two pieces of information are indicated from the exhibited output?

A router is participating in an OSPFv2 domain. A network administrator has configured OFPF in the topology as shown. However, cxna H1 cannot communicate with H2.