Casuarina junghuhniana. Family Name: Casuarinaceae. Common Names: Mountain Ru, Red-tipped Ru, Horsetail Tree, Ru Ronan. Mountain Ru,Red- tipped. Casuarina junghuhniana. Casuarinaceae. Miq. LOCAL NAMES. Chinese (shan di mu ma huang); English (she oak,red-tipped ru,mountain ru,forest oak);. Casuarina junghuhniana. Authority, Miq. Family, Magnoliopsida:Hamamelidae: Casuarinales:Casuarinaceae. Synonyms. Common names. Editor. Ecocrop code .

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It is popular for commercial forestry and as an ornamental. Allocasuarina campestris Diels L.

The possibilities of using local drought resistant and multipurpose tree species as alternatives to lamtoro Leucaena leucocephala for casuarinaa and social forestry in West Timor. Defoliation of C junghuhniana plantations by a locust Aulaches miliaris during rainy season has also been reported in Thailand. In the highlands of Tanzania trees from a woodlot yielded The tree is able to survive on poor soils because of its capability to trap atmospheric Nitrogen. Casuarina equisetifoliashowing red female flowers and mature fruits.

Casuarina junghuhniana

It also appears well-adapted to growing on alkaline soils in Timor Turnbull pers. It has been introduced to Kenya and Tanzania.

Some Frankia strains of C. Branches and foliage are burnt and the ash is spread on village gardens in Timor. It can tolerate waterlogging up to days Verhoef The wood of this tree is used commercially for shingles or fencing, and is said to make excellent, hot burning firewood. Junghuhnuana fruit is a woody, oval structure superficially resembling a conifer conemade up of numerous carpelseach containing a single seed with a small wing.


Want to tell us your experience with this product? In Markhanam, Madras, India trees reach 5 m tall at 20 months after planting Thirawat Seed is sown onto germination beds.

Casuarina Junghuhniana, Rhu – 0.5 Kg Seeds

Baker Allocasuarina muelleriana Miq. The length of poles is cut proportionately to the diameter, i. Cookies help us deliver our services. This may be because of the reason that the activity of nitrogen fixing bacteria in the root nodules is inhibited in such soils.

No statistics are available on wood production, international trade and areas planted to C. Seedlings are pricked out into polythene bags when cm tall. Young shoots mm in diameter and cm in length are rooted with the casuariha of hormones, either indolebutyric acid IBAindoleacetic acid IAA or naphthaleneacetic acid NAA.

A number of diseases are found associated with C.

Casuarina – Wikipedia

Casuarina junghuhniana is wholely tropical in distribution, and is a native of highlands in Indonesia where it pioneers deforested lands such as screes rocky slopes and grasslands, and in disturbed areas it replaces junghuhnians mountain forest plant communities NAS Infructescence a woody conelike structure. Mahmood and Possuswam also report successful root cuttings of shoots and root suckers of this casuarina in India.


It has been used in revegetation and land rehabilitation projects in Java for nearly a century. It is an environmentally important nitrogen-fxing tree, hunghuhniana the actinorhiza Frankia. Casuarina junghuhniana has become a preferred crop of farmers in South India because of its following characters: In Thailand, it is a popular source of construction piles and for fish traps.

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A male, hybrid plant was introduced into Thailand in aboutand its progeny was taken from there to India in the early s. In East lava forests of C junghuhniana have been attacked by caterpillars but the trees recovered even casuarinz repeated defoliations.

Structures of pendunculagin, casuarictin, strictinin, casuarinin, casuariin, and stachyurin”.